Thursday, September 2, 2010

Broome - Cable beach sunsets

World famous Cable Beach, lovely white sand, blue sea.

World famous Cable Beach sunset. See the boat, it cruises past at the same place each night, just for the photographers!

World famous Moerks kids, just kicking around.
The long pants are for mozzie and sand fly protection!

World famous Camels at sunset.

As you can see, we were snap happy!

The Moerks


  1. I'm happy you were snap happy! Fabulous pics of a place I would love to go.

  2. How lucky we are to be able to comment on the blog of a such a world famous bunch of travellers!!

    Great pics!

  3. Snap happy - how could you not?! It is STUNNING. Always wanted to go there.... lucky Moerks! I love the dinosaur fossils too, amazing.

  4. How gorgeous! I'd love to vivsit Broome. Have you seen the pearl shops? Love the pearls :)

  5. Oh yes we did visit the pearl shops. They are exquisite! Loved Broome.


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