Thursday, September 2, 2010

Broome, town beach and pier

Finally the sea, the wonderful beautiful sea!

I was so looking forward to arriving in Broome. Somewhere slightly familiar, Mr M. and I had been there for a holiday pre children and a beach we could swim at. Joy oh joy!!!

Town beach Broome.

How good is the colour of the water?

Check out the colours in these rocks.

The Pier

Very happy feet!

More Broome to follow.

The Moerks


  1. Hi Moerks! Looks like you're having a blast, and no wonder - Broome looks like an amazing place, and it's definitely on my must-visit list. Bet the weather is rather fab up there in paradise too. Love your posts by the way - it's armchair travel at its best! K xx

  2. Stunning Again - I need a holiday :)

  3. Just spent some time catching up on your adventures again. You certainly are getting to see some amazing things. I am loving following you on your adventure, your pics and commentary is fabulous. xx

  4. Looks like those freaky feet are a little more tanned than when they left! Glad to see you've still got your polish on - there are some standards you just can't let slip!!!

  5. Back home for us after pleasant stay with Ian. Found lovely spot at Queenscliffe overlooking the Heads - perfect for lunch at the cafe. Have caught up with your blogs and continuing to enjoy them immensely. Lots of love Nan & Pa & Lulu who survived her stay at the kennels.

  6. Yes one must keep ones toe nails in order when all else is going to wrack and ruin. I will be giving the hairdresser, beautician etc plenty of business when we get home. The state of my hair! Shocking really!!


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