Sunday, November 7, 2010


 We love our milk here.

Yesterday it was banana smoothies with lunch.


This morning it was buttermilk pancakes MoerkStyle.
 MoerkStyle means, I did try to follow a recipe. BUT, there is always a but when I cook!. I just didn't have any buttermilk or ricotta cheese or any berries other than strawberries.

Matt Moran, When I get home.

So I made Matt Moran's buttermilk pancakes with a Moerk twist. I just put a couple of teaspoons of french vanilla yoghurt in a cup and milk and pretended it was buttermilk.
It all worked out fine. 
The were fluffy round and if I may say so, rather delicious.
And the Kids all had seconds!
 I wonder if that means I don't have to make lunch?

Let's go Moerkabout

Now a little flower for A-M who is having a tough time.
Pop over to her blog and send her your best blog love.


  1. Hey you,

    I hope you've had a lovely day today. I'm staying up FAR too late today. My eyes are almost closing as I type! I was just about to close my computer when I saw this post and I had to come on over. You enticed me in!!

    I LOVE banana smoothies. AND I love pancakes.

    Please will you come and cook for me?

    Pretty please?

    And now I really MUST go to sleep!



  2. I love the sound of those pancakes, I think a slight adjustment in a recipe just makes it better, and yours!

  3. These sound delicious and the fun of creating food and drink is to play with it all!!

    Thanks for the link...


  4. Hi Deb, it must be the morning for pancakes. I too made them for the kids but cheated and used a bottle mix. They were happy with maple syrup but I would prefer yours - Yummo! Enjoy the rest of your day. ;-)

  5. YOu cook the same way I do.....Love it!....
    I can just never remember how I did it and then don't ever get them the same again...
    Love the idea for pancakes with dinner now.
    Happy sunday to you.

  6. These sound so delicious my mouth is drooling!

    I am always fascinated by people with the courage to substitute in recipes.

    I am such a boring recipe follower, I think if if deviate deliberately I will have a cooking disaster. I really need to embrace the freedom you so perfectly described above xox

  7. Smoothies are wonderful, aren't they? We go through so much milk here - 18 litres a week or something like that! Rachaelxx

  8. oooh.. I want pancakes now!! . pancakes for dinner??

    Lovely flower for A-M.. She was one of my first followers.. and one of the first blogs I ever read... I'm sure you're sweet flower will cheer her some..

    ciao.. have a great week.. xxx Julie

  9. Love buttermilk pancakes ! Thanks for the tip on the yoghurt , ever since I made them with the buttermilk I refuse to make them any other way , so often we cant get buttermilk.
    Lovely thoughtful flower for A-M. I have thought about her many times today.....
    Karyn x

  10. I'll be right over for the fluffy pancakes!

    Keren :o)

  11. Yum, yum, I'll have to try pancakes again! My mouth is watering. I love milk too, anything dairy actually. It's a big vice for me ;)
    Have a great day Deb,

  12. Oooh it's breakfast time and I'm feeling like pancakes now! I adore them and crepes and I can't go past a jar of good old Nutella either. The best! :-)


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