Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Girly pom pom land.

I love fluffy girly stuff. We don't have a heap of it here being rather top heavy with boys. But for Miss B's recent 10th birthday I couldn't resist the old tissue paper pom poms.

"Mum, why are you lying on the floor taking photos"?

I checked out Martha Stewarts instructions on how to make them and off I went.

Chosen in colours to coordinate with her bedroom. I was in pom pom girl heaven.

After the party they moved to her room.

This one got the "distressed" treatment. It was worn and posed as a possible hair do for the Melbourne Cup!

Now I am trying to think of more reasons to make pom poms.
Any excuse will do.

A Cuppie update, 
I am hoping to finish Cuppie's final photos this week and then it's your turn to enter to see who will host her next. For the Cupcake Challenge.


  1. I so love these too - I made them for my son's party and was so sad to throw them out! No one seemed to want to keep them - our house is really TOO top heavy with boys. A x

  2. They are, without doubt, the best looking version I've seen. You are clever! Love the distressed one :)

  3. They're just gorgeous. I made a very big one yesterday and it was a failure! The tissue kept tearing and it's a saggy mess! I love the look of yours attached to the wall :)

  4. I have never made any and I am abit like you with more boys around me than girls! My birthday is coming up though, maybe I need to throw myself an afternoon tea party with the girls just so I can make some! Yours look fabulous! xx

  5. You're such a good mummy, Deb. I must make some on PB. And do share how you're now watermarking our photos, you clever thing! J x

  6. They turned out fantastic. I like that they were used after the party too. Cute pom pom head piece. :)

  7. These are just fabulous...I have never made one before. I'll have to check with Martha! ;-D


  8. Oh, what a lovely blog you have! I am going to be your newest follower. I came here from Rubie's Place after somehow missing her post about your giveaway and it seems I am too late. I'm glad I came anyway because I'm enjoying all the eye candy here. I've always liked these pom poms and made them once for a bridal shower. I've been looking for an excuse to do another. Maybe there's none except for the fact that it's fun, easy and a great pop of color.

  9. They are so pretty Deb! What a lovely addition to your daugher's room - glad they are still being admired long after the party.

  10. Too gorgeous - I'm a pom-pom girl from way back!
    Millie ^_^


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