Wednesday, November 24, 2010

stationery love

I'm a stationery girl.

The Kikki K emails make my day.

I am a list making girl.

I'm a carry a little rolled up bag in my handbag kind of girl.
I am a tree and birdie loving girl.

I'm a swingtag gal.
And a DIY stamping kind of girl
And I am a little obsessed with finding the perfect diary for the kitchen bench.

And with these cute little birdies.
all images KikkiK
And if I could I would be the kind of girl who carries her diary, and stamps and birdie post its in one of these cute little bags.
If you are reading this Santa,
hint, hint


  1. What beautiful stationary. I just bought some pretty stationary by Lisa Stickley (from Sussan of all places). Sometimes though it is just too nice to use!!
    ps I hope Santa is reading your list :)

  2. Hey gorgeous,

    We are stationary twins!! I LOVE all that stuff. I have my own special pink fountain pen, and I'm currently obsessing about which diary I should get for next year.

    Hooray! I've met someone else like me!


  3. Love stationery too, and that Kikki.K shop is a marketers dream. The shop just lures you in doesn't it?! :)

  4. Squeal! You know you have a fellow fiend here, Deb. I'm going to buy some Kikki K today with the special discount they have on. I might just have to do another stationery post, too (BTW it has an 'e' - sorry, I can't help myself ☺). J x

  5. It all looks so fun!! Is your diary also considered your day planner/calendar? I need a new one of those, too!


  6. Oh and until tomorrow Kikki K sale! 25% off. Online orders, put in this code MYSECRET


  7. You're my kind of girl, I write everything down. I keep a pretty note pad and pen in my purse. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.


    Such beautiful little finds! Hope you're having a great week :)

  8. Well I hope Santa gets the hint!!! I love stationery also!!! it's dangerous for me to walk into Officeworks and such!!

    Hope you've had a great week so far!!! ciao ciao xxx Julie

  9. Some great stationery. I love Kikki K - plenty of great gift ideas for the festive season.
    Rebecca x

  10. Oh me too!!!! good choices I hope santa was paying attention xox


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