Monday, November 22, 2010


It's been project city here over the last couple of weekends. 
I have had the sewing machine out and have made multiple trips to good old Spotlight.

I made some Christmas cushions, .
raggy Christmas wreath
which I will show you another time
this little love heart pincushion.
Perfect for Christmas sewing projects.

 I decided that I really couldn't stand the ugly purple dog mat anymore

So popped off to get some material to match the couch cushions which were recently 
seen here lazing around on the new cape cod chairs.

  There, much better.
I don't know why I didn't think of it before.

Lulu was happy too!


  1. Lucky Lulu! She looks very pleased with her new bed. She's a cutie!
    The pincushion is adorable as well. I'll be looking forward to seeing your wreath :)

  2. Lulu looks VERY happy on that chic little cushion. Great job on all of your sewing projects, Deb!


  3. All beautiful Deb, very clever! I'd like to learn how to sew when I have more time. I think Lulu is pleased with you! Rachaelxx

  4. Love your weekend projects Deb and so does your doggy by the look of it. Looking forward to seeing what else you made. I am off to Spotlight today for some pieces for a few projects too. ;-)

  5. seriously cute lulu.....on a gorgeous cushion!

    isn't it funny how long we live with something like a purple mat and then it's like a brain storm...& something gorgeous and new is created that works with the whole house!

    i love the *goodies* you've been making...lovely way to spend time....

    melissa xx

  6. Lulu's new cushion looks great! I couldn't help but think of Schnitzel Von Krumm's Basketwork (one of my kids books) when I read this. Love the little pin cushion too.

  7. I love the fabric you used for Lulu's new cute! Can't wait to see your raggy wreath too! ~Deb~

  8. Don't you just love a productive weekend! These look great and your dog is very chic...more so now with the new bed:)

  9. You have been very productive. Lulu's new cushion looks fabulous. I like it and so does she from the looks of it! xx

  10. I love your new dog mat! Thr material is really pretty. And your dog looks very smart sitting there for the photo! What a cutie!


  11. These are such gorgeous projects Deb! Love the pin cushion:) ~ Tina xx


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