Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My raggy Christmas wreaths and other favs.

This is my raggy Christmas wreath.
We have had so much wet weather it hasn't made it to the front door as yet.

And here are some of my fav's from around the blog traps.

French Larkspur

hvitur lakkris

image homes and gardens via modern country style

via design sponge


pretties and posies

It's been a full on week so far and it is only Tuesday.
Tonight some lovely folk from our street are coming over for Christmas drinks.
So to steal a word from faux fushia

"I will be actioning some cleaning and tidying"


  1. HI Debbie, love your rag wreath which seems to fit in better with a summer Christmas than a green or silver one.
    Hope your Christmas season is fun and that 2011 brings you lots of new things to blog about!

  2. that's a very cool wreath and even if it never makes it to the front door with this weather...it looks great right there!

  3. Your wreath looks great Deb! I really hope he weather improves so it makes it to your front door! We've certainly had some strange weather around this country of ours in recent days. Enjoy your festive drinks tonight! We are doing the same on Thursday.

    Christine x

  4. I love your raggy wreath.... just divine...enjoy your day and drinks...Kym X

  5. Your wreath looks so lovely and I agree with the others, it looks great just were it is, even if it doesn't get to go out on the door.

  6. I had not seen this post... but I did notice the wreath in the hall - looks great :)
    Thanks for a lovely evening, we will have to make it a regular gig

  7. Hi D.....loving that wreath!!!

    We are just back from marrakech- & in my very big pile of letters & parcels Ella & I found a very gorgeously wrapped *CUPPIE* who seems to be sticking here with us for a white christmas in this aussie household in the snow!!

    Thanks for the chance to be part of her little round the world voyage...& i love that it came to Ella & I from your place....xx

    Hope you are having a wonderful lead up to the big day....
    Much friendship from here in the english countryside to you over there...
    Melissa xxx

  8. Your wreath is gorgeous!!!! Happy Christmas to you dear Deb!

  9. Sooooo lovely...your wreath is my favourite!

    Sending you blessings of Christmas JOY and LOVE...xoxoxoxo


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