Friday, January 28, 2011

Bit of beach sewing.

Sometimes I get the urge to sew.
Usually something that I have been thinking about festers away in my mind.
Until about 5pm,
when I absolutely must go up my ladder into the attic 
and sew.

I thought this heavy turquoise combined with painters drop canvas.
Would make an ideal beach bag.

I looks okay on the green lawn.
I like to sew when I am stressed.
And yup, we were stressed before we hit the beach.

I forgot to take a shot of it by the beach.
You will just have to settle for my bling roxy thongs and my wetsuited legs.
Standing on the half dead grass of our campsite.
The bag was very handy. 
And, even better, fully washable!

Now. whilst at the beach, I had time to browse some eye candy.
Keep it clean ladies, 
it was of the book nature!

  I won this lovely book from Posie Patchwork.

Plenty of pretties to ponder.

Some black boards to obsess over.

Pretty throws to admire.

And a riot of colour to feast upon.

Thank you Posie, it was a briliant distraction.

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  1. Looks like you are getting back to normality bit by your sewing!

  2. That bag is super fabulous Deb. And don't you love that book...weren't we lucky to win one :)

  3. Oh my absolute pleasure about your book, enjoy, i love it too, so many great ideas on lifestyle as well as beautiful decorating!! Love Posie

  4. Your bag is gorgeous, I love that blue with the white canvas...mmm lovely! And thank you for sharing your eye candy - I think I have to HAVE that book. I hope that you are feeling a little less stressed now that life is getting somewhat back to normal. Alison

  5. I just love the idea of a little sewing attic!
    Yes, I was lucky to win one of those books as well - just fab!

  6. I'm loving the beach bag! Also the lovely blackboard and throws are gorgeous! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  7. love your bag...thongs and that book!
    i picked it up here in old blighty too...inspiration yes!!

    have a lovely weekend
    melissa xx

  8. OH, what a great bag! You are very talented. And I love your Roxy "flip flops" (funny, I used to call them thongs as a kid, but have since been brainwashed into calling them flip flops).

    Oh, and is that a silver toe polish? So cool!

  9. gorgeous bag! Love that turquoise fabric

  10. Hi, i really love the fabric also (the turquoise). I also sew when I m stressed!! its a good distraction i think! Just came to your blog from Kyandra rose..
    Have a very lovely weekend!!
    laura xx

  11. love the bag - you could make and sell those - just fab - pretty and functional !! best le xox

  12. I love interior shots featuring creative ideas for blackboards within the home but I always wonder how much chalk dust will end up on the floor? Even with supposed dustless chalk, there will be some ... believe me, I'm a teacher :-)

  13. That is such a pretty bag! I love the fabric you chose. Thank you for sharing with air your laundry Friday!



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