Monday, January 31, 2011

Pretty Port Fairy.

As any self respecting blogger would do.
I ventured around historic Port Fairy clicking photos of the lovely old homes and cottages.

I am thoughtful that way!

There are some lovely old stone homes.

And lots of tiny cottages.

I pedalled around on my bike, with it's new comfy seat. I almost could have entered the 
Tour De France.LOL.

Hope you enjoyed these.
More tomorrow, I'll show you one of my very favourites.


  1. Even though they are small, I love the little cottages!

    Thanks for the tour, Deb!


  2. Thanks for the nice tour. I cant wait to see your favourite as these are so nice already, x

  3. I do love a cottage and these are super.

  4. One of our very favourite places in our wide brown land Deb! MOTH dreams of doing a B&B thing there in our retiremenet a la Basil & Sybil his Little Pirhana Fish. Not in a zillion years I reckon!
    Millie x

  5. Just fab, Deb. My s-i-l lives there. She's an artist with a studio - maybe you came across her. J x

  6. Just wondering if your children ask "are you going to take photos of this for your blog mum??" Mine do & i think, oh, do i blog too much, am i THAT obvious?? Love Posie

  7. I did enjoy them! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics... I love the stone!

  8. Lovely. I haven't been to Port's on the list!

  9. I've never been but heard and now seen that it is beautiful!


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