Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Favourite home in Port Fairy.

This is one of my favourite homes in Port Fairy.
I always drive past just to say hello.
I love everything about it.
I have another favourite house but I forgot to take a photo.
Never mind, I will just have to go back soon.

Isn't this an adorable cottage.
It is classified by the National Trust.

What a gorgeous place!

I'd like to have tea and scones in the little glass house.

I think we will have to go back to Port Fairy so I can go 
boogie boarding and take a photo of my other  favourite house.

This is our actual home in Port Fairy, the trusty old camper trailer.
Our magnificent event 14 shelters and excellent company.

With 8 girls in camp, nail polish was a popular activity.

As well as bike riding and kayaking.

I did my bit for the economy by sampling the various coffee houses.

If you ever get to Port Fairy, you must have a coffee from Slitti or Rebecca's cafe,
the smell is divine a mixture of coffee and chocolate ahhhh. 


  1. I like these houses as well, and look forward to seeing your favorite! I hope you had a wonderful camping trip! We used to camp all the time when I was younger and I loved it. The kayak looks like loads of fun!


  2. I'm loving your favourite home's hedge, it's fantastic!! Love Posie

  3. Oh it looked like so much fun especially the nail polish marathon! A-M xx

  4. I do like it alot but i must say i like the humble ones for the homely look. I always take my nail polish camping but never seem to do it!

  5. What gorgeous homes! I love that little glasshouse too. Looks like you had a fab holiday!


  6. Did you partake in the nail-varnishing? I would've been there in a flash!!

    A mixture of coffee and cake sounds like the most perfect smell of all!!



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