Monday, February 7, 2011

What Moerkie made next!

Remember I said,
I like to sew when I am stressed.

Well, the day before school went back.
At around 3.30pm.
I had to sew.

I made this little clutch thing.
I should have been covering books and moving buttons on dresses and
making a thousand labels for the Moerk kids.

Do you know what it is for?

It holds crochet hooks.

And bodkins.
Apologies for the blurriness.
Isn't bodkin a brilliant word!

I had the Japanese type fabric kicking around for a while upstairs.

Afterwards,I thought,
It was rather a lot of effort to house my 3 hooks!
I guess I will have to start a collection now!
I didn't make the pattern up.
I actually followed this one.
Usually I adapt, but this time I followed the whole thing.
I have a few ideas of some modifications I could make.
Maybe next time I am a little stressed I will see what I can come up with.


  1. Great stress relief Deb! You are the crafty one aren't you... so wish I could sew. ;-)

  2. Love, love, love it! So handy to have all your hooks in one place where you are guaranteed to find them! How brilliant is the word 'bodkin'? Another gorgeous sewing project Deb! ~ Tina xx

  3. You are so clever Deb. I think the universe is telling me to learn to sew. Everyone is embracing it. Love the fabric. I am a sucker for anything Japanese-ish. A-M xx

  4. Ok will rarely hear me say "I need one, I want one" but I am going to make an exception here. Thanks so much for the tutorial link...that little crochet hook gizmo is now on my list :)

  5. Hello Deb
    I think you would have to start a collection cause you make beautiful things!!! I always fall here and find many colors and and forms of everything.

  6. It's really gorgeous, you clever thing! I love the fabrics and colour combo :)

  7. It's so pretty Deb, I love Japanese prints - they are so luxurious looking. Your pins have a very nice new home - they will never want to leave now! xx

  8. That is very cute. I am the opposite...I can't sew when I am stressed as I make too many mistakes and then I get more annoyed and stressed, My mum is like you though.

  9. You clever thing, Deb. And bodkin. Sigh. A gorgeous word for logophile me - thanks! J x

  10. Hi Deb..I think you should keep stressing...the result is beautiful! I do think bodkin is an odd old fashioned sounding.

  11. Hi Deb, really sorry I haven't been over for so long - I don't know where the days go.
    This hook holder is really sweet, but most of all I preferred your last post about the kids going back to school. I'm totally with you, I adore the summer holidays and the lack of routine.
    I would also have loved to cover my kids books in those maps - how cool is that?!
    In our next lives maybe?

  12. Well aren't you just a little bit clever - fabulous Deb! K x

  13. Oh no, hope you're de-stressed now school is back. I have my last 3 children heading off tomorrow, ahhh, they love school & it's been a long holiday, love Posie

  14. Most people eat when they're stressed Deb! At least your stress attacks are productive. Lovely work. xx

  15. What a super cute project! That material is just great too! You know I can relate only too well.... I tend to sew when I have loads of other things I should be doing... I wonder if it is because it is so nice to actually achieve something you like at the end..... especially when, like as in this case, it is something so useful AND pretty!!! X

  16. Well, that will be just perfect to bring your little hooky thingo's along to stitch and bitch next time ;)

  17. I clean and clean when I'm stressed....oh, and throw stuff out! I rather wish I could go into a sewing frenzy like you - just think of all the things I could have made!!

    This is LOVELY! I thought it was for make-up brushes at first but I like the idea of a crochet hook holder. I just have a clear plastic one at the moment. This is a million times nicer.


  18. Wow amazing, that is so pretty. Am really enjoying catching up on your past posts but must go chase boys into bed now; so happy to have found your blog xx


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