Friday, February 4, 2011

Back to school, sob, sob

It's back to school today for the little Moerks.
I am sad. 
I love having them home.
I love having a slack routine.

images courtesy Boutique Markets Blog

Today is a big day for us.
Big boy starts College.
Miss B, grade 5 and Master B grade 2.

I am keeping myself occupied with
a Coffee with the High School Mums,
A spot of cleaning and tidying, Yay!
 Updating my first aide training for work.
And, if I can, sneaking a peak at the Country Style Magazine I bought as a back to school reward.

I hope I am not too exhausted at the end of it all,
Friday night is 
Better Homes and Gardens,
followed by
Escape to the Country.
I am such a dag!

PS. I love the idea of covering school books with maps. I am sure none of my children will let me though!

Update! Actually I wrote this yesterday before school went back in preparation.

Right now, seems I am not so sad.
Big boy went off without a hitch, just a little nervous.
Mr M dealt with the younger two.
I have just done a little happy dance.
As soon as I hit the post button, I am off to hit the coffee shop!


  1. Hi Deb, enjoy the few hours of peace as it doesn't last long. I will be watching better homes etc tonight and being a dag just like you and many others I am sure! Have a lovely weekend. ;-)

  2. I know what you mean...I was sad to think of my eldest daughter starting year 1 and no. 2 daughter starting kindy. I only have the 2 year old at home now....bliss and nowhere near the mess that 3 kids at home make.

  3. I love a little slack in the routine once in awhile, too, Deb! With the blizzard we had, the husband was home from work and the college girls home from school. It felt like a weekend! Now it is back to normal. Hope you are enjoying having some time to yourself!


  4. Yes, you are a dag...but who isn't!! Enjoy your lovely peaceful hours :)

  5. Normally I would agree...I love Better Homes and Gardens..but I have been temporarily diverted to Biggest Loser...then Escape to the Country. I have a feeling that is even daggier! Cringe...

  6. I love the slack routine of school holidays. It's what I love most about having the kids at home. The sadness disappears quickly, doesn't it?!

  7. I always used to dread the fist few weeks of back to school, getting into that routine again. This is my first year that I don't have a child at school, so sorry, but no more school lunches, school uniforms for me, yay!!!!
    I should be watching Better Homes and Gardens and I'm going to right now!

  8. oh Deb...we do surprise ourselves sometimes us mothers don't we!
    i too, was actually OK when Ella's first day of HS came around...yet i'd been a bundle of emotion for weeks before hand...the end of an era and all that...

    enjoy the mag...enjoy the'll be wanting them home for holidays again in a week!

    melissa xx

    p.s- you can cover any left over books in maps for me....
    in the UK they get books given out by the school- i miss that before back to school shopping trip for supplies and book covering!! x

  9. Hi Deb love your blog !!!! look foward to following it .
    You know, we are probably about the same age, looking at your pics, my son is only 3, so I have it all to come,Im sure for me there will be tears on the first day of kinder.

  10. Going back to school is a bit of a shock (I am a teacher and a mum!) and getting back into the routine takes a huge effort! Thankfully though, it's Friday now and with a glass of wine and with Escape to the Country & 60 Minute makeover (which I may have to tape or I will fall asleep!) I feel the rhythm of life falling back into place... Have a sweet weekend! X

  11. When mine went back to school in September, I did have a little cry on day one but it's been LOVELY ever since! I've really enjoyed the time in the day to get organised and get things done.


  12. I hope the kids have a wonderful year.. it must be extra hard on all of you after your adventures last year... all that freedom and wandering!!! Makes me want to do the same!!

    I love the map covered books too.. i think we both have a bit of wanderlust!!! Have a great weekend and thanks for popping in.. .. 42c up here!! phew!!! ciao xxx Julie

  13. Hi Deb, your blog is lovely! I too love the slack mornings of holidays. I am enjoying the routine now though. Letitia

  14. Hello Deb,
    I just came over from FF after reading your comment.
    I cannot believe Paddy (my sister - who tells me what blogs to follow) did not tell me about you.
    She and I will have to discuss this.
    So, I LOVE the doggy pasta blog.
    I'm going to be following you now!

  15. As a Primary School Teacher, I would LOVE to see a child's books covered in maps :) I get a little tired of the same old contact year after I get a tad bit excited when a Mother {or child} has been unique & crafty with their covering. And yes...I think that makes me the dag here haaaa! The little things in my job make me smile :)

  16. My daughter starts school, prep on Monday, oh my gosh tomorrow! I just know I am going to feel very sad when I say goodbye to her. Love the idea of covering books with maps too. G

  17. Well done Moerks, a successful back to school and some 'me' time for mum! My two little ones started 3 and 4 year old preschool on Friday. It was so much fun being caught up in their excitement..Rachaelxx


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