Friday, February 25, 2011

Garden action.

The pumpkins are a bit out of control.

They are a bit 'Day of the Trifid s.'

The zucchini, has joined in and gone crazy.

Master B is popping out to the garden and helping himself to handfuls of mini tomatoes.

Did your eagle eye spot the nasty?

We have had tons of zucchini. Now the powdery mildew is threatening them.

The pumpkins are looking pretty content.

The last of the hollyhocks, I think.

I wish this had been blooming for Valentines day.

Good old ever reliable plumbago. A bit of colour all year round.


  1. I'm a few weeks behind your pumpkins, plus i planted mine within a fence, i've told the pumpkins they have to stay within the fence too!! They grow like wild fire, oh but think of the pumpkin soup over Winter, mmmm. Love Posie

  2. Gosh, aren't you the green thumb. What a healthy looking garden. And pretty flowers too! Have a lovely weekend - tomato chutney perhaps??? ;-)

  3. Oh Deb, I love your garden. Living in the city in our 'concrete bunker' as the boys call it, I so miss having a garden. I can live through yours! A-M xx

  4. That's one very impressive veggie patch you've got going there Deb. If I lived next door I'd probably do a midnight raid :)

  5. I've gone green for your garden! I just love it when the pumpkins go mad... finding a new little one growing is just the greatest joy. That powdery mildew is a pain, I'd just ignore it and enjoy everything else, especially those devine red roses! X

  6. I love your day of the triffids pumpkins and your tomatoes and other veg look wonderful! That smell of fresh home grown tomatoes...can you beat it? I'm dreaming of getting stuck into my garden when I get home and planting some vegies : )
    Alison x

  7. Oh I want to be in your world right now....ours is fozen solid.

    Hugs and love for a great a tomatoe for me! xoxo

  8. Looooove those veggies. And don't you love it when the pumpkin take over the house!!!!!

    We planted 8 tomato bushes last year and had loads of green tomatoes so we were looking forward to a wonderful crop. We couldn't figure out why we weren't getting many ripe ones until one morning, we caught our golden retriver carefully plucking all the tomatoes that were starting to get a red tinge to them and eating them. Glad he enjoyed them!!!!!!!!!!

  9. What a wonderful existence you have up there Deb. Your garden looks perfect to me..Rachaelxx


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