Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bathroom Inspiration

Our bathroom is starting to look a little dated.
It's shabby, but not in a good way.
So I turned to Gap Interiors for a little inspiration.

all images from here

What do you think?
Fancy any of the above?


  1. There are some gorgeous rooms here. I remember seeing a tub like the one in the last pic and I think it was somewhere between 6 and 10 thousand dollars! I'd be happy wih any of these though. Our bathroom is like a dodgy boys dormitory shower, concrete and ugly and virtually impossible to make it look clean. Yuck!!

  2. I love the 4th Bathroom Deb, but thruthfully I would have any of them too! xx

  3. I'm a bit partial to the one that says soak. It seems to have all the elements including a demand to have a drink while you're in the bath :)

  4. Image 4 is my favourite, it has a beachy elegance about it. I like image 2 and 3 as well....actually, I quite like them all!! x

  5. I want all of them... that is not being too greedy is it? How many bathrooms is too many anyway? My sister has the egg bath and it is so modernly devine, I had the white claw foot (Recollections version) shabby and gorgeous in my last home... oh how does one decide which way to go???? If pressed I think I'll have to pick a shabby number three......
    PS my keep calm poster is a framed t towel too... irresistibly free with country style before Christmas... I just love it! (why didn't I buy a stash??) X

  6. Oh how I fancy them all...number 4 is the one I would pick...I need that tub to soak in right now...I would never leave!

    Happy Bathroom makeover...it will be lovely!


  7. Well, actually I love them all!!!

  8. Blighty Elf and Safety Inspector here - please be aware that these bathrooms are Elf and Safety Nightmares! Deathtraps! No1 - ladder not properly secured and dangerous positioning of stool and pot plant; no 2 - candles, side table, rug - no, no, no! no3 - overladen chair, incorrect loading - an accident waiting to happen; no4 - overlong, droopy curtains - risk of entire house being pulled down in freak accident; no5 - never, never leave your bathrobe in this position, it can lead to water syphoning and floods; and do I see glass perched right on the edge of those shelves above the bath?! the area must be cordoned off immediately; no6 - wooden floor - has this been tested for weight bearing of bath? Also positioning of bath near window - extreme danger of draughts and causing accidents to neighbours/peeping toms...will people never learn? xx

  9. HI, Im a new follower, love your blog! To have a bathroom large enough to fit a free standing tub would be just divine, I especially love to see a nice old ladder in there to hang the towels.
    Great pics!!

  10. Loved Blighty's comment - they should start a Design Stylist's Name & Shame file! Just hope any renos you do Deb don't take 2 long years.
    Millie x


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