Sunday, February 20, 2011

Water sports - I am sailing

Cue music, Rod Stewart, "I am sailing, I am sailing"

Once upon a time when there was just Mr and Mrs M and no little M's. Mr and Mrs M liked to go to the lake and sail their little yacht. 
Actually Mrs M. sort of liked it, but didn't like the nasty boom that always wanted to whack her on the side of the head when she wasn't expecting it. Anyway, then there was a very big drought and all the lakes dried up and Mr and Mrs M were too busy producing little M's to be out sailing.
That is until the "big wet" this year. See here.

Last weekend, we retrieved the little boat from the Yacht club and were amazed to find that it hadn't been eaten by white ants.

Here she is all spruced up with a fresh coat of varnish.

Now all the lakes around are full and all sorts of water sports are back on the agenda.
So this weekend we took our little Mirror yacht and our kayaks out to one of the lakes for a bit of water sport.

The yacht is called " the boat" the purple kayak is called "the purple bean" and the blue kayak is called "the kids kayak".

They all took turns sailing with Mr M.

Hello Euan if you are reading.
Thank you for introducing me to sailing at Metung, all those years ago!

Whilst all this was going on.
I wandered around with the camera.

I think we will be spending many happy hours out here on the lake.


  1. It has been a lovely summer for ducks - and yachties... so nice to see the lakes full again - I inspected a few when working in Melbourne a few years ago and they were just grubby puddles. Incredible. Looks like fun! A x

  2. Snap! We have had the kids out sailing today too. It looks like you had a beautiful day and the lake looks gorgeous. I love your pics! X

  3. What a great way to spend your weekend. I bet your kids had lots of fun. I bet you're very good at ducking for cover. xx

  4. Looks like lots of fun.... thank goodness for the rain ;-) Kym X

  5. Deb,
    I can't believe the kids could even think of staying up late on a Sunday night after a fab weekend like that.
    I have James (and Geoff our computer whizz) hard at work hunting iPhone app for child appreciation of parental early bedtimes. Leave it with me.
    Remember, that every time I ask someone to do something for me now- I get to say "Sigh, you know I have a broken back, it's not really that painful, and I'm sure I'll be able to walk again soon."
    (Mind you the last bit only works on people who have not witnessed the physio sessions of laps around the ward wearing sexy back brace).

  6. Thanks Louise, I would appreciate that app. You know, my kids only like the thought of staying up late. When it gets to 9pm it's ugly, tears and trauma. You milk that back for all you can.

  7. That looks so cool, Deb!!! What a fabulous way for the whole family to enjoy what looks like a gorgeous day!!! Love the yacht!! Hope you have a wonderful Monday. Hugs ~ Txx

  8. Congratulations Deb!
    Every time I come here I wish to know each peace of Australia. What a wonderful place to live, hã!
    Kisses from Brasil

  9. How much fun does that look! What a great family activity. I discovered boats only a few years ago but I love it. I have missed a couple of summers in the boat as it is still being fixed, but hopefully next summer there will be some action :)

  10. How brilliant, Deb, to have your own boat! It's one of Mr PB's dreams. I'm so pleased for you, getting back into it again. J x

  11. Wow, my dad had a Mirror! It was always rolling over in the water, I hope you don't suffer that problem.

  12. Oh, I would like to be there too.;-)

  13. Deb, I love this post, how lovely to have a boat. We had fun on hols in Greece once trying to sail Lasers and Opis and Funboats - Boy 1 will no longer sail with me as on Day 1 I almost sailed me and him straight into Mr B and Boy 2 on their little spirit of adventure the children of today. V envious you can sail at weekends, we have a sailing club in a muddy lake nearby but it's not quite the same...xx


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