Friday, February 11, 2011

HOME-Outdoor chandelier!

I love the colours of this home.
I really really like the doormat and the hydrangeas and that lovely wooden hallway.

Now that is a good use of a chandelier!

Clean and fresh.

What's not to like really. 
I am off to hunt for a missing German book @#$%^&, already, it's only week one!
It's gone but Big Boy swears he didn't lose it.

Hope you have a good weekend.


  1. It's a beautiful home but I think the verandah is the place to be. I love the chandelier too!
    Have a great Friday x

  2. Love those pictures, I've always wanted a deep verandah like that. Don't get too cross about the german book, it's only the first week ie. he's not in the swing of things yet!

  3. I love verandahs. I so want one. And when I do I'm going to put a chandy there too...that's awesome. Have a lovely weekend, soon...once you've found the book!

  4. The home is beautiful, I love the verandah and hallway. Hope you found the book! Rachaelxx

  5. These pictures are great. I love the exterior wall colour and that chandelier looks perfect in that spot.

  6. If I asked MOTH to hang a chandie like this one on our verandah he'd have me committed! Obviously this home Owner's beloved is more understanding, it looks glorious!
    Millie x

  7. Love the mat! Any ideas where to get one?

  8. Such a calm looking house and I would definitely be spending my time on that verandah if I lived there. x

  9. Georgeous deliciously decadent would you feel enjoying that verandah! Beautifully styled house.
    Maybe the dog ate the German book!

  10. I love the colours of that home too - I love the grey/white colour scheme and that doormat is adorable!

  11. Noooo, not missing books already!! My 3rd girl managed to leave her weekend homework at school (considering i go to HER year 4 class room to check she has everything . . . jacket, hat, drink bottle, head) i'm clearly out of practise. My son in year 2 did manage to walk out of his classroom with his ENTIRE year's worth of books & stationery, so i sent him back to unload it all, much to his teacher's delight as he thought he might be one of 'those children' whose parents don't pay the million dollars for the book pack. This is the 3rd time we've had this fabulous teacher but he's learning my children are all VERY different with responsibility issues ranging from perfection to 'the dog ate my homework'. Oh, i'm exhausted, high school is fantastic, she has even let me hug & kiss her & walk through the school grounds too. I'm still cool apparently. How do you rate Deb?? Love Posie

  12. I want to live in this home. Please.
    Fingers crossed the missing German book turns up. Ugh. Hopefully it will just miraculously appear by Monday morning. We live and hope. Alison x

  13. Hi Deb! thank you for your sweet comment and for always come to say hello! You're a sweetie!!!
    Have a great week end!!!

  14. that is a stunning home!

    but i soooo feel your pain, i have the same issues right now. and my pleasding for where do you think they are? whilst driving home from work all this week has been .... 'i dont know'


    have a great weekend xx

  15. ohhhh I love this house - where is it ? the whole thing just works ! le xox


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