Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quick Valentines Project.

For a very simple and fast Valentines Project.

Cut some hearts out of the newspaper.

Sew them on together with some red thread.

Hang them somewhere near and dear.


  1. I have been in a Valentines mood these last few days, making a few little gifts for teachers and friends, and a couple of decorations... I'm going to add this little project to my list! I have sewn paper bunting before and it is quick and easy, so THANKS for the idea! X

  2. Love your heart garland, Deb!! I also love your canvas...we have one very similar that Olivia and I made a few years back :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend...I might send Dave off to buy a newspaper :D ~ Txx

  3. How cute, Deb! I love that you made it out of something so sweet and simple. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


  4. That's so cute and such a simple but effective idea, I love how you just have the one red heart.

  5. God, I'll probably still be here in dullsville Mater in TVL on 14th.
    I could certainly make myself one of those, you are a genius.
    A GENIUS I say!
    Well done Deb. I'm truly a follower now!
    PS I Loved the bicycle post, I've been to Copenhagen in the depths of winter, and they till ride those damn bikes (without helmets) on snow and ice, and at 1am on the way home from the Nightclubs. It's a sight for a North Qlder to marvel over. No helmets either.

  6. can you please put an s in my (s)till
    tee hee

  7. Hi Deb!
    It's a nice idea, and you could recycle newspaper, what's a wonderful thing!!!

  8. Hello!
    I’m already following your blog! Really loved it! Very gorgeous!!
    So, could you please follow me?
    Well, my blog is in Portuguese but you can comment in English, I’ll understand…
    Thanks a lot!


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