Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cute storage ideas for kids.

I am always on the hunt for ways to make the kids rooms tidier.

It's nice if they can look pretty too!

Isn't this a good way to keep your shoes tidy.

Jewellery in order.

And, to have bedtime essentials on hand.

No excuses for not putting dirty clothes in the basket!

A space for everything.

It probably won't ever happen at our house.
But, it's nice to dream.


Hope you found some inspiration.


  1. I always love a good organisation post. These are great and very cute ideas. Rachaelxx

  2. I have that book :)
    Have been going to make one of those bed organisers - well, one day

  3. Lots of great ideas, Deb. We use bookshelves in our bootroom for all our shoes... although they look rather more muddy than those above. Love the bedtime essentials pockets and the jewelry holder will go far with three little girls in our house. Thank you! gxo

  4. Who are those neat freaks! Trust me, children do not live there, they just rented them for the photo shoot!

  5. Great ideas Deb. I have all the storage boxes etc but there is still mess! I guess I am the only one that likes it neat. ;-)

  6. Thank goodness you said it wasn't likely to happen at your place. You had me a bit worried there for a while :)

  7. So so cute. You have motivated me to do another declutter this weekend. A-M xx

  8. Oh i love that book - i have that one and that type of organisation is what i constantly strive for - havnt got there yet!!

  9. What great ideas! I wish I had the will power to make some of those ideas happen! (I don't believe that is a real house with real kids living there!!!) I love that frame with the ribbons... that would be great for hair clips! x

  10. I am getting on this asap, hopefully the kids will follow:
    Happy friday to you - see you around.
    A xx

  11. Oh yes, all ideal & gorgeous & wonderful tidy tricks. I find the less my children have, the tidier it is, kind of a no brainer but . . .as they grow older they have less & less bits, i love it!! Baskets are fantastic & like my new pigeon hole storage unit those $2 & $3 jars from bargain shops are too pretty to pass up. Love Posie

  12. Love all of these ideas!!! Just wish it was the kids who did the tidying up, instead of me all the time!!! And it is nicer as they get older and have less little bits lying around - especially lego!!! Hate that stuff!!! I know its a great toy, but when you stand on it with bare feet!! ouch!!! it just gets everywhere!
    have a great weekend, Laura xx


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