Saturday, March 12, 2011

Over the top homes

Apologies if one of these is yours...

That unmistakable Hello Kitty style, we see so much of.

'Cause one always wants to take a bit of the beach home. 

Hmmmm not even sure what it is.

I am sure this must be a movie set.

I am sure this is to blame for many a child's creepy fairytale nightmare.

It's a long weekend here.
 We are off to buy footy boots for the boys.
I may as well just get my pay direct debited to the sports store at the moment!
Have a good one.


  1. Helllooo Kitty! That is the funniest house I have ever seen! The others are just so wacky too! I have just had so much fun imagining the people who actually live in these homes! Thank you so much for a fabulous giggle! x

  2. I'm meant to be finishing off all the work I need to do before I head off, but I couldn't resist this fun distraction. Not sure which one I love best :)

  3. How fun to live in one of these houses...anonomously of course.


  4. Different? That fourth one looks a bit lemony snickets to me. ;-)

  5. Hmm...well I suppose they are individual??

  6. There is a tv show that takes you inside wacky houses like that and the owners talk about why and how thay built it. I have seen it a few times and the theses tend to carry on throughout.

  7. I love the seashell house..I think I could live in that one! They are quite amazing...don't like creepy houses though.

  8. love the seashell house too. very ntriguing and bold houses

  9. Yay, it's footy season and boy do I need the distraction. That shell house looks like something out of Dr Suess! Rachaelxx

  10. Football boots & a Hello Kitty house, way to mix up your day!! Please tell me the house you're not quite sure of is your way of not saying 'penis & testicals' as i can imagine my children loudly announcing that on a tour so everyone could hear them & embarrass us. Love Posie


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