Monday, March 14, 2011

Pure white - refreshing my visual palette.

Sometimes I get a bit of visual overload.
So many gorgeous things to look at.
Today I just wanted to refresh my visual palette.

Images via weheartit

It worked for me. 
Hope it did for you too!


  1. Very refreshing, a good dose of white resets my colour brain. Love Posie

  2. some beautiful whites.. I'm leaning more and more to the neutrals.. although still like a good splash of colour now and then..

    Have a great week.. ciao xxxx Julie

  3. Love it all! White is so clean and fresh...but soon I would be adding a lit of color! ;-D


  4. Beautiful, white is so calming. Gx

  5. yep- i get that!
    although a bit of spring colour and an endless blue sky have just arrived on my doorstep and i am loving them....!

    adore that eames rocker...i have 8 eiffel tower chairs {white like that one} in storage in sydney!! argghh- well they'l be new to me all over again when we eventually go home!

    melissa x

  6. Simply stunning! I love white on white! X


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