Monday, March 21, 2011

lace stuff - bring out your inner nanna

via FleaMarketTrixie

A lacy painted floor.

country living

A lacy chair

country living

Scented soaps


Doily lampshade.

country living.

I am afraid to say,
My inner Nana is alive and kicking.
I am embracing the lace!


  1. LOVE it all.

    Love the new blog layout too :)

  2. Did someone say inner Nana? I'm partial to a doily or two on my dresser! xx

  3. I didn't understand at first what you meant by inner Nanna! lol! I love a little lace myself but have been known to overdo it. Love the little lampshade and the lace on the Country Living chair!


  4. I am loving your lace pics, I wouldn't like to go overboard with the lace but I do like a bit here and there. xx

  5. That's some fancy nanna! Lovely images. We were up in Ararat yesterday (somewhere sort of near you?) The locusts were interesting, I think I have a few of them under my bonnet now! Rachaelxx

  6. I absolutely LOVE it ALL!!! Just so creative. More Granny Chic than daggy me thinks :)

  7. I love that lacey chair, would look lovley in my WIR, or anywhere really
    I have a big hand crocheted bed cover that my MIL gave me that is waiting for the move.
    I definatley embrace my inner granny.

  8. I am so partial to a doily!!! How devine are those little soaps! That gorgeous bowl really is perfect for me too! Actually...... it is all just right for me! x

  9. Love all your lace images, I've been collecting doilies from the local op shops for a few months now.

  10. Lovin' the lace too Deb...especially that sweet bench! ~Deb~

  11. Ha! I love the title. I must say I'm appreciating all things Nanna more and more these days! Some pretty groovy lacey numbers here though. Once upon a time that would brought underwear connotations to mind. :)

  12. Who new my nanna was 'with it' before her time !
    Karyn x


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