Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wide blue yonder.

Some days the sky is just a perfect shade of blue.

It transforms the ordinary.

All images lets go moerkabout.

Into something special.

These were taken on a family outing to the local farmers market.
I got distracted by the sky, 
and the buildings.


  1. Oh so true!!! I love 'skies and blue and clouds of white' days. Everything is that much more vibrant and lovely xox

  2. Oh!! I would be distracted by the sky, too! How pretty! Things are brightening up here as well...finally!


  3. after these pics i had to go and relook where you lived - how fab :) best le xox

  4. Love these pics, I would have been distracted too. I love the mast and the shabbiness of the paint.

  5. I was going to say "where are the markets"?
    Love the photos , I have a fascination with beautiful skies too !
    Karyn x

  6. Oh the clear blue skies and old buildings, love these pics Deb. Have just been catching up on your posts, love your crochet bag - great job.
    Rebecca x

  7. I can see why you were distracted! Wouldn't it be so wonderful to be able to throw down a blanket and just lie down and and stare up into that gorgeous sky... rather than do all those other things we have to do! That glorious blue frames those structures so amazingly and you captured it perfectly! X

  8. That's one of the things that I really notice about living in Australia - the sky is almost always blue. lovely shots

  9. These are just beautiful; you are right, so , so blue !!! I love the beach picture you have on the right too! just gorgeous! one of my favourite places to be also!!
    Laura xx

  10. I can see why. After all the months of rain, the blue skies, and white clouds are giving me no end of pleasure. Fab photos Deb!


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