Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday flower and chooky winner.

It's been a big week this week.
I thought it might be nice.

To enjoy the simple beauty
of white flowers.

And old glass bottles.

We bought our house from it's original owners about 18 years ago.

It has some very old trees and old garden beds.
Each time we do a little digging we uncover more and more little bottles.

I soak and wash them and bring them inside.

I play with them,
take photos of them.

It's all good fun really.

Now to announce the winner of the 
Let's go Moerkabout
Chooky giveaway.

I am pleased to announce


is the winner.

Please email me with your postal details and the t towel and cards will be winging there was to you soon.

Thank you to everyone else who entered and a special thank you to those lovely people who regularly comment and make this blog worthwhile.


  1. I love old bottles and you've got a wonderful collection. I'd love finding a surprise in the garden like that. Very special, and your flowers look gorgeous in their simplicity. Lovely!
    Congrats to the chookie winner! :)

  2. Congrats to Rebecca! And those bottles have come up a treat, Deb. You've inspired me to hunt some down myself. J x

  3. Oh Wow - how exciting!!! I won. The tea towel will look great in my kitchen as red is my feature/accessory color in the room. Thank you for the generous giveaway, I look forward to receiving my gorgeous gifts. Love the jars - I have found a large box of old agee/fowler/mason jars on the farm this week used for preserving. Currently polishing up to use in the house - will post on these soon. Love your jars, and the white flowers are gorgeous. Enjoy your weekend.
    Rebecca x

  4. I can't believe you dig those bottles up and they're still intact. They look great. Well done to Rebecca too! xx

  5. MOTH would be jumping into your blog right now Deb, he's loves old bottles more than me!
    Millie x

  6. Congrats to Rebecca! Love the bottles Deb and how funny that you are still digging them up. I wonder why the previous owners buried them in the first place? Have a lovely weekend. ;-)

  7. Oh those little bottles are just lovely. What a sweet surprise you must get each time you dig! White flowers are my favourite. A-M xx

  8. Those flowers are so pretty! I adore those bottles... I wish I could discover some! Congrats Rebecca! X

  9. You lucky, lucky, luuuuucky thing, finding such treasures in your garden. I find the odd bit of broken pottery, the occasional nail, oh, and plastic plant labels. Hence my enoooormous bout of jealousy!!! These are so pretty - and so special that they come from your own land.


  10. lucky R...and Deb...gorgeous gorgeous group of jars....
    how lovely to garden and come back with little jars from your own patch of land!
    the flowers look lovely in them...
    have a good weekend D...
    Melissa x

  11. What beautiful photographs Deb, just gorgeous!
    You are lucky to find those great bottles in your yard. Seeing our home is so old I keep hoping to find treasures in the garden but it hasn't happened yet :)

  12. GORGEOUS photos Deb! How fabulous to have found those bottles in your garden!!!! Congrats to Rebecca, I am so sorry I missed your giveaway:( Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Txx


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