Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A few finished items.

Warning proud mother alert!

I don't know about you,
but I am exhausted.
Two gruelling days of school sports.
Juniors on Tuesday,
Seniors today.
I am proud to say I didn't miss a single event and my children behaved impeccably and tried their very best with excellent results.
Ok, enough with the self congratulations.

Yesterday I showed a few projects that were "on the go."

Today is the big Ta da!

Firstly the magazine holder.

Everything looks better with an Adirondack chair.

And pretty wrapped presents.

Then the frame.

In progress.


I inserted some scrapbooking paper and a little tin picture I found at 

Last, but not least. 
I slapped some whitey goodness on this little birdhouse shape.

And, Miss B and I cut and pasted 
a little birdie, it sits on her book shelf.

That's 3 projects down.
 Only 49 thousand 9 hundred and 97 to go!

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  1. You are my new project completion pin-up girl! Well done to you and yours :)

  2. LOVE the finished products - what a productive little bunny you are!! You seriously put me to shame! Mummy gloating accepted - congrats to you and yours! We had school sports today and again tomorrow - check in and i will have had to indulged in some proud mumma talk!

  3. YAY! I love to see finished projects! They all look amazing! The magazine holder is beautiful with those gorgeously wrapped gifts! What a sweet little birdie on the bird house shape too... I am trying to figure out how I could make one as I am writing.... and I adore that frame as well! (Congrats to your kids!) x

  4. Tiff, the birdhouse thingy originally started as a clock face. Mr M used to make them out of old fence pailings. I scavenged a few out the the shed and had a little bit of fun with the white paint.

  5. Ah, Deb, you are an inspiration. Brilliant work. And love your efficiency. J x

  6. Very productive indeed!
    I'm stuffed too - but I did miss events - bad mother!
    LouLou looks like she needs a trim, spotted her sitting on the chair in the first pic, can't even see her eye's - poor girl.
    Max looks beautiful after his session at the beauty parlour - smells lovely too!

  7. It all looks so good, Adirondack chair or no!
    Isn't that little birdie so sweet!!

  8. Yep, you can pop around here anytime Deb. Remember to bring your paint brush! The magazine rack looks a million times better.xx

  9. Love before and afters...Good job, three beautiful pieces. You've inspired me to do some of my own.
    Rebecca x

  10. Too funny Zippy Zippy, perhaps you have heat stroke from all that standing around in the sun watching little people do sports.

  11. Great work there Deb, I adore that little birdie - so cute.

  12. love them...i could see myself sitting out the front of yours!

    in that chair...mag & glass of wine {to toast your kiddos achievements of course!} in hand....

    melissa xx

  13. Wonderful projects! Love them all and it reminds me to get out the paint!!


  14. A girl afte my own heart, can't help but to paint everything white :-)
    Love the little bird house.

  15. hee hee I relate to this - great projects - well done !! best le xox


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