Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More projects on the go than Ikea!

It's true! 
I have at least 50 million projects on the go and any given time
I can guarantee that there will never be 50 million finished projects.
Never mind.

I always forget to take the before photo.
I am usually in too much of a hurry to get started.

This is my stunning magazine holder picked up from the Salvo's for the princely sum of $3.

I roughed it up with a bit of sandpaper and then got out the white paint.

Actually white undercoat/sealer.

My colour of choice is 1/4 strength Dulux Hog Bristle. 
It works against my kitchen cupboards.
It's the same colour I painted my
kitchen stools eon's ago.

I also had this slightly more expensive $4 frame also picked up from the Salvo's, just begging for a little attention.

And the little birdhouse shaped number perched on the edge of the table got the paint treatment too!

This is how I make sure the lid on the paint tin is on tight!
I am not very heavy, so sometimes I have to do a little jump manoeuvre.

Come back tomorrow and I will show you the finished pieces.
Well maybe not all of them.

In the meantime,
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I am really enjoying reading all the chooky comments.
I am glad there are other people who like these quirky little silky bantams.


  1. You got some bargains there Deb. Will be good to see the finished products when they happen :)

  2. The jump-on-tin move sounds dangerous.... like all good DIY moves... A x

  3. Oh glad someone else has so many projects on the go. It's hard to go past a bargain, and then they can really accumulate!
    Great magazine holder - and complete bargain!!

  4. Oh SNAP! I have numerous projects on the go at any one time too! (and double SNAP I do that jumpy thing on the paint lid too!) I love your bargains! Good luck with the finishing bit ... I think staggering the finishing part is always more satisfying! X

  5. I look forward to seeing the final project pictures, you have some great bargains there. You are doing well, I have got things lined up to give a lick of white pain but haven't started on any of them. I will get there. Gx

  6. Ha! Your post title made me laugh. I am known to be a good starter round mine not so good at finishing them though! So I have a long on the go list too! xox

  7. oh deb....don't yo you love a big tin of white paint and a little time!!
    can't wait to see all your finished *bits*!!

    melissa xx


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