Friday, April 15, 2011

Story of an old stool.

I found this old stool at the Kenny Rd Department Store, known to the locals as "the tip". 
It cost me 2 bucks.

I took it home and scrubbed it up a bit.

And gave it the white coat treatment.

Not being content with that I got out Mr Hook and made a pretty little cover.

Inspired by the Yvestown blog, where I spied this little number.

Wood and Wool stool 
Not being one who likes to follow a complete pattern.

One who prefers to try a bit of this and that.

I visited Lucy at Attic 24 for ideas for the top and sides and googled
edging stitches for well obviously,
the edge.

I think the wonkiness makes it more homely;)

I then set about a photo shoot for the stool.
I used my ipod and my camera and spent ages fiddling with all the apps.

Guess whose hubbies is a Weeds Agronomist?

We are gearing up for footy and netball tomorrow.
Before then I intend to put in some
time on the couch tonight.
Hope you have a terrific weekend.

If you don't know what to do with yourself.
I would recommend a trip to your
tip shop.
You never know what you might find.


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  1. What a gorgeous stool cover!!! You are so clever! I love a tip shop treasure turned into something amazing! Those photos are wonderful and I really love the last one! I hope you got to rest before all the weekend sports! X

  2. I love this post , love the stool & its wokiness & the photography.
    Have a great weekend.
    Karyn x

  3. Absolutely LOVE your stool, Deb! AWESOME sweet!! Enjoy your weekend ~ xx

  4. I would like to know what footy and netball is please! The stool is great and I love the crocheted cover, wonkiness and all. So clever. Ann

  5. Hey Deb, You are a whizz kiddo.
    I'm very impressed.

    Almond oil in shower has been a disaster - so hilarious it will be a blog of its own. An Austrian tirade resulting in "Shannon Lush" being deemed a swear word chez inTownsville!

  6. Oh no oh dear sorry Lou. As if you need any more disasters.

  7. Hi Ann. Glory is Australian rules football. Netball is a game mainly played by. Girls while the football is playing. There are 7 players per team and the aim is to shoot the ball through a ring like a basketball without any bouncing of the ball, just throwing.

  8. I've been following Wood and Wool Stool for over a year now, I absolutely love her work. I love your stool, it looks great, what a difference.

  9. That cover is awesome. I can't believe you just whipped that up. You can't complain about a $2 stool either. xx

  10. What a great makeover, love the cover, such a clever idea. Also like the photos and the arrangement of the set of four, very effective. Gx

  11. Um, prettiest stool make over EVER!! Simply adorable, as is the mini version in that gorgeous inspiration image. Congratulations. Love Posie


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