Wednesday, April 13, 2011

That's it.

Image via desire to inspire

That's it.
That's the one.
Just this bit here.
This is the cabin that has been in my head.
It's my ideal weekender.

It is just what I would like
to create.
In the bush,
at the base of the mountains.

A warm cosy fire.
A sunny deck.
Happy, relaxed.
Yep, that's the one for me.
Would it do for you?


  1. Oh yes my friend...this is so perfect...mind if I join you? Hugs

  2. I would happily holiday there. It looks so relaxing and cute! xx

  3. I would love something like this, Deb...small and manageable. And very cute!


  4. I love this house, it does look so relaxing.

  5. Yes, I would say perfect.
    Would back a great studio to work from too :)

  6. Oh, yes, Deb. Shall I bring the wine? J x

  7. I am there! A comfy chair, an open fire and a glass of wine, what more could you ask for? ;-)

  8. Would it do?? I could live there!! Gorgeous..let me know when its done and Im on my way. (by the way, love Lulu's kennel makeover. She is gorgeous,and it does look like shes smiling)
    Rebecca x

  9. Ooh, yeah, let's have it as a blogger gettaway! How cool would that be? We could just stay one night at a time and hang out and chat with whoever was there.

    I'm not surprised you love this. I can see why. It's perfect!


  10. Bummer, just did big long letter in here and it got lost.
    1. Love the house, perfect gift for me from Mr iT, like a broken back person's retreat. Like men have their tool sheds, I could have one of those.
    2. Rest was a lot of yada yada about dogs here inTownsville sleeping anywhere but in bedrooms, or Bronosn the Fire hero, on my tiny special hospital style bed.
    3. Love almond oil suggestion, gonna try and beat Elisabeth on this one. But she reads the blog now, so it'll be a race to the shops if she reads your comment.

  11. Oh yeah. Feet up - cool beverage. I'm in.

  12. Stunning.

    I can see myself there - sans child, drink in hand, book on lap = perfection!

  13. Absolutely...where do I find it??? Is it anywhere near a Provincial Home Living store...don't think I could cope with living 2 hours away...I need my fix of window shopping. X

  14. Hey Deb,
    Looks gorgeous - I want one too.
    Beth xx


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