Monday, April 11, 2011

Kennel makeover.

Our sweet dog Lulu was much in need of a kennel makeover.

See, tired, dreary, weedy and no wow factor.

Poor Lulu.

Then, fortune struck.
And I was the winner of a Ramsign sign.
Thanks to Tracey of My House of Giggles.

So, we got a rubbing and a scrubbing, and cleaned inside and out.

Now that Autumn is well and truely here it gets chilly at night.
So we fitted some carpet.
And a fancy crochet rug.
(No, not one of mine in case you were wondering.)

I know Lulu likes crochet, because she sits at my feet at night when I get the hook out.
(She has her own inner granny)

A couple of pots of white flowers,
fresh water,
and a welcome mat.

If you were wondering about the chain.
Sometimes eg when Mr M is chopping wood, we have to chain her up for her own safety as she tries to chase the flying pieces of wood.

One very happy fluffy puppy.

She has been popping in and out all afternoon since we did the makeover. She just lays in there with her head poking out the door.
I swear there is a smug look on her face!

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  1. Genius! I'm more of a cat person (except for mine) but I'd be tempted to get a dog if she looked like that and had a house like yours. So well done :)

  2. A very lucky Lulu! Even her water bowl is divine!
    Pam x

  3. How cute is that!
    Love the Granny square blanket.

  4. Lulu, you are one lucky pooch! I love that you have embraced your inner-granny and that your humans keep you safe when wood is flying! Ann

  5. That is so cute Deb. And that Lulu sign is a nice finishing touch! xx

  6. Oh my Lulu's house looks lovely. Well done on sprucing it up, she must just love it! xx

  7. Gorgeous makeover! She is so cute, what a lucky puppy to have such a snazzy house.. I love the white flower pots, and the welcome mat is a great touch!

  8. Beautiful house for Lulu - my Archie would be jealous! Isn't it amazing how one small change, like getting the new sign, can motivate an entire overhaul.

  9. Very flash! Love the pots of flowers, the chic mat and the sign over the entrance. ;-)

  10. Adorable!! Lulu's kennel puts my Asha's to shame :) I love the sign and the mat and flowers look perfect.

  11. Oh bless her fluffy feet, that's just too adorable. I better not show Humphrey or he will want me to renovate his abode!! I think he might eat or dig out the flowers - my baby is still a baby hehehe

  12. Oh Lulu! You are totally spoiled! Your kennel looks amazing! I am hiding these pics from my Chelsea, so she doesn't get any ideas... X

  13. I think you're right - she does seem to be all smug and smiley! Lucky Lulu.

  14. OHHH - lucky Lulu - what a lovely kennel :)
    A xx

  15. awwwwwww.....your little Lulu is so gorgeous and cute!!! I am thrilled that the sign inspired a house renovation for her! :) :) What a great idea! She definitely looks very happy in her new jazzed up home :)

  16. Deb- that is so incredibly gorgeous...i can't wait to show my kids's very late here {!!}...

    Lulu is totally heavenly...

    melissa xx

  17. SOOOOOO sweet!!! Looks like she is mighty chuffed about it :)

  18. Lulu looks deeply touched that you have remade her quarters so thoughtfully - the rug is a lovely touch!

  19. JUst gorgeous !
    Perfect way to use the sign.
    Karyn x

  20. Lucky Lulu!! She looks very happy with her new digs! I know what you mean about dogs chasing the wood when it's being chopped, Molly does that too sometimes and it freaks me out.
    You put such a lovely comment about me on Planet Baby's post the other day, thank you so much! You are so kind!! x

  21. Oohhh La La Princess LuLu,
    your are one lucky pup.
    Max likes it so much he wants to come for a sleep over!

  22. Lulu's very lucky to have you! Love the sign, great makeover. Thanks for adding your link to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays!

  23. Deb this is such a cute idea!! I have been asked by Ramsign to do a giveaway and am wondering if you would mind if I used a picture of Lulu and here new spiffy abode for my post on the giveaway?

    I will be sure to link back to your sweet blog.

    bee blessed


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