Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cruising round in blogland

I was cruising round in blogland the other day.
And, you know how it is.

One click leads to another and before you know it another hour has gone.

And you still haven't hung the washing out on the line.

The fruit bowl is empty and you know you have to go shopping.

There really are jobs that need to be done.

All pics via La Dolce Vita

That's usually when you find the nicest things!
To see the full article go over here.


  1. I do know exactly what you mean! Feeling that way especially today as my boys are back to school (yay) and have the house to myself!!! Love it though!
    Laura xx

  2. How easy is it to get lost in the wonderful world of pretty pictures?! I have had such internet problems since I moved, it is really frustrating.... I really miss my mooching around blogland! Thanks for the little taster! x

  3. Oh, Deb, I'm trying to cull the blogs I'm following, not add to them! But add it I have - thanks for sharing. Just glorious. The blues in the top photo are totally arresting. J x

  4. I love/hate looking at these pictures because I too can spend endless hours looking at beautiful things in beautiful rooms surrounded by beautiful gardens then I raise my head from the computer, look around and think, I live in a shack!

  5. It is far too addictive and there are too many gorgeous images and stories to read.....



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