Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pale and pretty

Hi there. 
It's been a long time between posts this week.

Something to do with too much time spent at work.
And too much home time spent huddling on the couch!

Those warm fluffy socks wouldn't go astray around here.

It was pretty hard to find something to post after that gorgeous kitchen.
The red Aga. 
My heart is still beating erratically.

Pale and pretty works for me too!

images Stelle Nicolaisen via Agent Bauer

Hope you are having a toasty warm and pretty day. 


  1. The socks looks perfect for our weather. It's supposed to be summer but it feels like fall!

    Beautiful images!


  2. OHH I love the paleness of this post - haven't seen the red aga post - I am on my way to find it - LOVE an aga <3
    Have a great day.
    A xxx

  3. Love the soft tones .And those sock sure could use some.

  4. Those socks are looking good for our upcoming camping trip. I think I am going to freeze! :-)

  5. I need those socks too - it's cold here and pouring rain. Pale and pretty is a nice break from my damp and dreary.

  6. Hello!

    I simply loved the socks' picture!
    Pale is really pretty, isn't it!?




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