Monday, May 23, 2011

Kitchen of my dreams

It is entirely possible that I have been watching too many episodes of Escape to the Country.

Because, when I saw this kitchen over at Modern Country Style.

I seriously thought, I had died and gone to Kitchen heaven.

I can see Allistar (from Escape to the country)striding through, pointing out the flagstones and the wonderful red aga out to keen buyers who are trying to restrain themselves and not appear too eager.

Images via Landmark Kitchens, UK

And the beams, he would say, "Aren't they rather lovely".

Thanks Sarah from Modern Country style for the lovely, lovely kitchen.


  1. It is pretty gorgeous. Even if you don't live in the country :)

  2. Everyone is posting kitchens lately, I must join in later in the week. I love your selection too Deb. Great cupboards, floor and of course the aga! ;-)

  3. Lovely kitchen - and you set me laughing with the Escape to the Country quip. I'm just a little bit addicted too!

  4. I love Escape To The Country too and always laugh when they mention the 'lovely beams' :)

  5. LOVE this !! Thanks for finding it!

  6. Thanks for finding my dream kitchen for me, i'll have you over for afternoon tea after it's put in. A red AGA, are you kidding me, wow, love it. Also love sinks which are under the counter, i loathe all that extra wiping!! Love Posie

  7. I love that show!! Even though its often shown way after my usual bedtime.. Lovely kitchen. Not sure about the ovens that you cant see what is inside... its my husband who wants one!!!
    Laura xxx

  8. yes- divinely gorgeous!!

    now that i've been here for 3 years- i don't know how i'll return to Oz without an Aga!!!

    they are sooo much cheaper here- though still pretty pricey...but so worth it...
    i have seen a beautiful pale blue as well....

    i love that all my aussie friends watch that show...believe me it really is life here!!

    melissa xx

  9. I really adore the way the granite counter top goes around the sink area. Beautiful!


  10. Six years ago I put in the kitchen of my dreams and two years later started talking about doing renovations on it - husband is a bit annoyed. 'Pick something and like it!' he says. But that is tough, especially when I see something as beautiful as this kitchen.

  11. Hi Deb, glad you are liking our work here in Cornwall. Take a peek at the full case study of this kitchen on our website for more details -

    Lots more info/piccies being posted on our Facebook page too @

    Mat Davies

  12. Beautifully finished and designed kitchen, I really like the floor. Looks perfect and complete with a bright red Aga, super lovely.

    I'll be embarking on a new kitchen for my city pad soon, i can't wait. Although the space I'll be workingg with is pea sized compared to this.

    happy cooking :)


  13. That is a gorgeous kitchen! I love it too! I also watch Escape to the Country and can imagine this kitchen in the show as well!
    I have just passed The Versatile Blogger award forward to you because you are so fabulous! X

  14. That is one helluva kitchen. I'm not sure if I'd be game to cook on an Aga but I'd want one just for the beauty of it ... plus to heat the place up. A truly beautiful kitchen.

  15. Thanks Tiff, "right back at ya"

  16. It is gorgeous, especially the red Agar. And yes I am a big fan of Escape to the Country, regular Friday night viewing in our house. I so would love to by an old English cottage full of wooden beams, in the country with a kitchen just like this. Gx

  17. Kitchen of my dreams too Deb.. The one I asked for, but was told it would cost about $120,000! Still not sure that was right... Hope you're having a lovely week, gorgeous sunshine here in Melbourne..Rachaelxx

  18. I'm not sure if I watch escape to the country for the right reasons...if you know what I mean! I thought I was the only on ein Australia! the hubby and kids give me the lounge for a Friday night - and all is good

  19. Hi - Do you know what I like best about this kitchen - It's MINE! - We should give credit to Landmark. Bespoke Kitchens who installed it - and my lovely other half Paula who is the creative one


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