Wednesday, May 18, 2011

floral wallpaper could you?

source. apologies, i have forgotten. If anyone knows please contact me.

Would you?
Could you?

I know I like it,
I don't think I could live with it though.


  1. I like it too..... but no way! I couldn't live with it either! Mind you I could easily wear those shoes! X

  2. No. I hate wallpaper.

    Hope you are doing well. I read your post about squash. Couldn;t believe you play in outdoor courts. It is still a strong sport here. My son plays every day.

  3. it's very cool - I love it :) would be fun in a studio space I think :) le xox

  4. I did! in the 80's - couldn't live with it though, too much distraction. It's better in someone else's house where you can go, enjoy, and leave.

  5. I LOVE it - in fact i could easily live in the picture - but then again I am slightly eclectic :O) Have a great day A xx

  6. Now that's hard. Liking it but not being able to live with it. I'm with you. A-M xx

  7. It looks beautiful but I bet there's no way Lyndon would ever let me do anything like that to our walls!
    I don't know the source but the wallpaper is Designers Guild :)

  8. I like it too but I think you would get sick of it too quickly. It is much easier to re-paint than deal with wallpaper. ;-)

  9. I'm finding myself quite drawn to wallpaper at the moment and have been considering papering one wall in my living room. That one is a bit too much for my taste but it's very striking.

  10. Deb, just read lots of your posts.
    Congratulations on Squash Champs - and yes, it is a dying sport isn't it. I wonder why? Specially in Tvl where they could air condition the courts - a perfect indoor sport for our really hot summers.
    I noticed you read Woman's Day last week - if you still have last weeks - check out page 42. (I have kept it a big secret).

    Re wallpaper and bedroom from previous post - they look glorious - but I immediately think of cleaning, tidying, and how much extra effort is involved in those types of interiors.

  11. I think I would like it in a W.I.R. or a powder room, on one wall. It is quite beautiful.. Rachaelxx

  12. I couldn't live with that large of a print, I think it would actually add anxiety on my busier days because I'm such a minimalistic person. I could maybe handle a beautiful small geometric print of flowers in a laundry area?

    saw you on beach cottage's saturday club and thought i'd stop by to say hello!


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