Monday, May 16, 2011

dreamy bedroom and sporting pursuits.

agent bauer

How pretty is this lovely room.
I love the fire in the grate.
The soft greys and the ever so slightly shabby mirrors.

I am happy to see blogger appears to be behaving again.

It was a busy week last week.
Bookclub, parents club and two lots of squash. 

Ok I wasn't going to mention squash but Janette did ask as well we did just happen to win the grand final.

Another big glass to add to the various size squash glasses. yipee.
I am taking a break now over winter it is just too cold to be standing around for hours at night in the cold unheated courts.

Squash is pretty much a dying sport in the country.
It's sad really.
It's a great sport. Very competitive, high intensity and requires a lot of planning and quick thinking. 
When you are on the court you really can't think of anything other than the game. 
It is also excellent for the butt muscles!

Instead, I have taken up running and am thoroughly addicted.
I love it.

This is how I imagine I look.
via google images

The reality

A skinny version of this is more my reality.

I am doing the Couch to 5 kms app on my ipod and am into the 5th week. Yay me.

In other sporting news,
big boy kicked 2 goals in footy and got a $5 sunicrust bakery award,
Miss B shot 4 netball goals and got a tenpin bowling voucher and Master B smiled and had a wow of a time at Auskick.

And just so Mr M doesn't feel left out, I should say he has been swimming 3 times a week doing 50 laps of the local pool. He is crazy!

I would love to hear of your sporting news and if anyone is doing the C to 5 I would love to know how it is going.


  1. YAY! Thanks for letting us know your squash results Deb! Well done! I am so crap at squash I can't hit the ball hard enough to make it bouncy :)
    You're a very sporty family. I should try that couch app, I really should get my butt off the couch, hehehehe.

  2. I really admire your sporty antics. I am married to a man who thinks nothing of running 10+km to work in themorning and then doing the same to get home. I'm afraid that at the moment my limit is a couple of sessions of yoga a week...
    Love that bedroom, the bed looks like such a comfy one, especiallywith that fireplace - you would never want to get up!

  3. Congratulations on the Squash, check you out, did you beat those Olympic looking Chinese girls?? Tee hee. Oh i look like that girl running too, only sexier with better boobs. True!!
    Have a cosy Winter away from those freezing cubes of Squash courts. Love Posie

  4. Posie, sadly I am swapping cold squash courts for cold outdoor footy ovals and netball courts. Hence the need for serious gumboots, see previous post re hunter boot desire.

  5. Well, I should be doing the c to 5 or whatever it is, makes me puff just reading about it. I would much prefer the c to 50 laps as Mr M is doing.Hope you had a nice night with the neglectful mums :)

  6. The first time I tried running I got a cramp in my left buttock that pained me for a week and my best distance was about 1/8 mile. I am better off with race walking - I figure if I'm going to look silly then go all out! The dog will go with me but the boys and husband hide in the house because I don't look like Hilary Swank.

  7. Your activeness puts me to shame! I am walking a few times a week but it sounds very unglamorous compared to you! I can more see myself reading a book and sipping red wine in that gorgeous bedroom than actually doing anything!
    Congrats on your squash win, I am also very impressed with your running! My son has started running and is loving it! Unfortunately my daughters netball team is yet to rack up a single win, but she still enjoys playing and that is the main thing!!!
    Have a great week! X

  8. Wow Deb! Congratulations, what an achievement! You sound so fit, it's inspiring. Everyone in your family sounds active which is just fantastic. I love the bedroom you've posted too, heavenly. Rachaelxx

  9. Wow Deb, what a sporty bunch you are! Well done on the squash win, that's fab!! I've never tried it but reckon I'd be a dud :)
    I've seen those running apps, do they maybe have a walking one I wonder? I get asthma so walking is better for me :)
    Love that room....can I have that beautiful dress?

  10. Oh stop it! I have a big enough sporting inferiority complex as it is. I'm exhausted just reading that :) But well done on your win!

  11. Very sporty family indeed, and congratulations on your win. Like you, I love squash! Just fear I'm starting to feel old when I play these days, but certainly nothing like it for a great workout. Not sure about the running app. Too much couch time!

  12. well congrats !! fine effort guys :) le xoxo


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