Thursday, May 12, 2011

Staying warm and dry.

Don't panic.

I didn't crochet this.

It's just that it's been really cold and wet and I just would like to be wrapped up on the couch like this.

It's been a crazy week in Moerk land.

Squash finals, (wish me luck for tonight)
footy, netball training,
parents club
and book club.

All this in wet, cold weather.

So it has made me covet these.

No, not the deer, or the apple.

my fashion juice

The boots,
it's all about the boots.

Hunter Australia

You can even get groovy polar fleece socks for them.

What do you think?
Perfect for footy, netball, and generally trudging around in the wet?
a little over the top 
for a rainy day school pick up?


  1. All my fingers and toes are ice cold these past few days. So these boots appeal to me immensely at the moment.
    Do NOT laugh I'm in Brissie and cold; as it really is chilly here too!
    The first image is a crack up. I need a scarf like that! The other folk are wearing their boots so stylishly well; yet appear too clean and not dressed for the weather at all.

  2. It's definitely cold here in SE Qld, I'm freezing, well maybe not freezing, but it is very cold here too.
    If I looked like any of the models because I was wearing those boots, I'd be wearing them now. Unfortunately I don't think I would look so stylish. I think they look great!

  3. I love them, I think they look great paired with jeans above. Here in WA, it's only just starting to get chilly but I bought myself a pair of flat winter boots recently which I plan on living in this winter, not sure if they'd be as waterproof as the ones above though :)

  4. Oh yes, I'd love a pair of stylish gumboots and I live the cosy socks that go inside ;)

  5. I love these. I have a pair only they aren't Hunter...I found them at Target. They are perfect for sloshy days. You need warm socks though.

    We are finally warming up here, but it's rain today. Yuk!


  6. I love those boots - as a farmers daughter those were a fashion necessity for us. I still have 4 or 5 pair in my garage - not Hunters but knock-offs. I love wearing them.

  7. You know I have already commented on this post, but it is GONE!!! I hope blogger fixes itself soon!

    I just wanted to say that those Hunter boots are GORGEOUS!!! I really want some!!! X

  8. I love them too I am also thinking they would be practical not to mention pretty!!! xox

  9. Yes it is freezing in Melbourne and would love to be rugged up like this also. I went and bought some ugg boots yesterday to wear around the house, so soft and warm. Hope your finals went well and you are having a lovely weekend. Gx

  10. Deb, am loving those welliboots. Off to google them.

  11. I've been on the Hunter website in the last few weeks drooling and dreaming over their boots. I really 'need' some too. Although I think I'm just going to have to settle for a pair of Target gumboots :) How did your squash finals go??? (Hubby plays squash, I'm no good at it).
    I hope you can stay dry and warm, we're having lovely sun at the moment, hope you're gettin some too Deb :)

  12. I live in Scotland and was mocked silly for wearing these in the rain, now I keep them for gardening


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