Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hallway mud rooms and school holiday plans.

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Hi there.
Just today and tomorrow left before we launch into school holidays.
Our eldest started college this year,
he is so tired.
I am looking forward to letting him sleep in, and doze around in his PJ's like a proper teenager should.

I was however, totally gobsmacked the other night, when, out of the blue,
he asked me if, during the holidays

"would you help me clean out my room please?"

After I picked myself up off the floor.
I casually nodded and smiled and coolly said.
Then I left the room,
punched the air and did a few very uncool dance steps.

Now, how does any of this relate to those lovely hallway pictures?

It doesn't really.
I just liked them.
And thought you might too.


  1. You've kept your sense of humor in spite of long days with the kids at home ahead of you. But this is a sign of true maturity, so I can see the reason for your happy dance!! Rejoice! ;-D


  2. ha ha ! it's always a red letter day when our kids decide they can't live in the mess any longer. Good for him.

  3. See, they do emerge into people who want order and cleanliness..

  4. Did you recommend Easy A a while back?? Watching it now with my teen, who is exhuasted & having the day off high school, fully dressed but you know, couldn't get out of the car. Happy tidying, i say keeping on tidying the teen rooms, great way to keep an eye on things, love Posie

  5. Please, please please pass on the parenting tip that got you a child to ask that!!
    Happy holidays.x

  6. Funny, can just imagine you doing the merry jig! I have just about finished applying myself as the cartoon version of the tassy devil with the housework today. Even made the kids get involved and now they are on the playstation. Love the pics by the way.... If only it looked like that in reality. Enjoy the holidays. ;-)

  7. i love that you thought to post on mudrooms! Bird things i'm crazy when i daydream about what an awesome mud/laundry room we're going to have in the house we plan on purchasing 5 years from now. organizing and cleaning are my things and i'm excited to have a room dedicated for the tasks at hand!

  8. I would love a mud room! Have just has two weeks off and one to go... I love the optimism I feel at the start of the holidays... so many possibilities.... Like room cleaning out! (which I haven't done yet!!!) I am planning a few days in Noosa.... so it is not likely get done either! X

  9. brilliant beth- love whatever you have done to get to this point!!!!!

    our 13 yr old just read your post over my shoulder and said...very sheepishly...i may add....
    "mum...can we do my room this weekend...?"

    bless your cool and obviously influential son!!

    enjoy getting in there and sorting it all our- i'm going to!!

    melissa xx

  10. Great images. I'm always trying to figure out more storage for our tiny entry. Cleaning out the room sounds like fun! Rachaelxx

  11. I am a sucker for a decent mud room. Bet you're looking forward to all the little surprises in the room clean out. I fished cheesestick wrappers out of my clean load in the washing machine this morning. #boys! A-M xx

  12. Well congrats on successfully training your teenager! How nice to see it all sank in... I absolutely love the mud rooms, they are the best idea ever, I doubt if mine would ever look that clean or cute tho! Thanks for visiting today, i really am dreading reality, but it's knocking on the door as I type!
    Enjoy the hols,
    Flick xo

  13. I really love the idea of a mudroom. Mind you, I loved the idea of tidy teenagers too but never managed to be in close proximity to one :) Let us know how it goes Deb.


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