Thursday, July 7, 2011

Instagramming around the house.

Come and have a peek around.

I was just having a little play with Instagram this morning.

It really is good fun.

If this mantlepiece was on the block it would be painted white by now.
Hear that Mr M. people love white painted mantles.
(Mr M made it, isn't he clever)

That's my arm there and the booster car seat, noice!

I love having some happy flowers in the house.
Especially as most of this week has been wet and gloomy.

I also love a cheery tea cosy.
This is amazing, it keeps the pot so hot.
It gave me something to keep my fingers busy.
The kids laugh at me when I sit up and have my little pot of tea.

It is fun this instagram thing.
Do you know of any other good fun apps?

My arty farty snap of some art.

My favourite sort of art.
Miss B and Master B are slowing working their way through a packet of doilies.


  1. Your pictures look great Deb, I am off to check out that app! ;-)

  2. love that cushion...being school holidays it is my constant mantra!

  3. A very nice mantel, Mr M did great. Should I tell you ours is painted white too? :)
    I keep forgetting about instagram. I have it but keep going to Hipsamatic and Picture Show - they're pretty good ones too.
    ps love the doily art - it's so sweet!

  4. Thanks for the tip Sarah, I am off to check them out.

  5. The doilie artwork is gorgeous. I don't have a mantel, but they always look like such a fun spot for playing about with.
    I don't even have an iPhone. I know. I have been called a Luddite. It's on the agenda... ha!

  6. I am loving it all Deb! That tea cozy is too cute! The mantel is amazing! It would look good white! Sorry Mr M!!!!!! I adore that doily art, I might have to get my kids busy so can have some too! X

  7. Clearly I'm missing out on something! Jason just got an iphone from work and just uses it for email and phone calls. Such a crime when he could be taking pretty pictures for my blog!

    Yep, a white mantel should be on your request (nag) list. xx

  8. I dont actually have an iPhone yet. Just an iPod. So far.
    I have found some fun apps.

  9. No one uses tea cosies in Canada. They remind me of tea with my granny who always used them. (people here put a bag in a cup, and you yank it our when you think it is ready). Yours is so pretty.

  10. I was just saying I need a new photo app - I'll have to check it out. Your photos look great! XOL

  11. My husband made our mantle too and when he was at work I painted it white. He wasn't too annoyed.


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