Friday, July 8, 2011

It's Donna, it's Donna!

I love Donna Hay.

I used to regularly stalk her website hoping that one day she would start selling online.

Thanks to the lovely Posie from Posie Patchwork, today, I discovered she does.

This is Posie's wonderful haul.

After reading Posies post, I immediatley jumped online and found Donna's online store.
These are some of the things on my wishlist.

The ornate cooling rack.
Currently out of stock, I will be watching and waiting for this baby!

Cotton twine.

Market tote. 

Too cute!

Striped paper straws.

Pretty in pink.

Find it all here
at the Donna Hay General Store.


  1. Yay!! I go to her General Store every time i visit Sydney (i made it there the week she opened, yes keen!!) They did frown that i took 4 children in there but had to show them off that they were beautifully behaved in that "i know how to have children act suitably in beautiful stores" kind of way. Anyway, i was obsessed with the floor cushions when they were $140, bought one on sale for $100, now they are only $70 - picked up 3 more, better yet, as i've been told i'm not allowed to visit the store these school holidays, on line & in the mail, no extra bulky shopping in the car x 6 people, yahoo!! Shhh, the straws are cheaper at Lark, but i have all her twines, they are fantastic!! I'll let you know how the macarons & brownies work, love Posie

  2. Yay, I'm off to have a look now. Thanks for the info, I love Donna Hay products and I'm sure I'll be putting a few things on my wishlist too.

  3. Oh, I am glad you are excited Posie and Marg, because I was. I love her magazines and all the gorgeous pictures and ideas. Many a birthday party here has been based on her lovely ideas.

  4. Deb,and here I was thinking I had nothing to do this fine Friday evening. Looks like I'm going to do some online browsing! xx

  5. Me too! There's nothing on the I was thrilled to pieces to find Donna's connections here! Thank you Deb.

  6. All your favourites are my favourites too!! Oh boy I love that cooling rack. And that market tote...oh so lovely. Alison x

  7. They sell the Cupcake, Brownie and Macaroon mixes in Woolies now in Sydney (not sure about other cities/states) - yay!

    Love that cooling rack!

  8. I really like the cake stands that I saw on her site a while ago but have so far resisted :) it would be great to visit the shop.
    Have a lovely weekend x

  9. Yes Shayne, I was excited to find the mixes in my local woolies too!

  10. Hi Deb. I love that gorgeous cooling rack. Hope they get them back in stock soon for you:) I have been reading your comments above and I will be crossing my fingers that our little Woolies has Donna Hay's brownie mix and choc chip cookie mix in store... our favourites! Thanks for the heads up:) Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ Tx

  11. Thanks for the link, Deb. It looks like she has some wonderful things!


  12. Wow, how cool is the Donna hay stuff Deb. thanks for the heads up.
    I agree with you about the cooling rack!
    I'm going to start cooking with my new back, when it's all healed and actionable again. Oh and when the house gets finally fixed after all the cyclone damage - still nothing done here despite Yasi occurring 3/2/11.

    I'm in action blogging again - that is READING and COMMENTING, by far my favourite part of blogging (I hate the writing bit).

    I can't wait for action shots of what you cook from your DH online shopping campaign.

  13. Hi deb, just thinking how cute those little egg hats are !!! adorable! have a wonderful weekend!!
    laura xx

  14. those items are much too cute.. as a minimalist i think it's bad though wanting... well egg warmers for my cooked eggs? but those are the little touches that always impress guests or make you just smile after... dressing your egg

    i cracked up when you said i'm camping in comfort, it's true, i am! no a/c or heat and sleeping a foot off the floor... haha

  15. Hello Deb

    I loved everything.....what I'll do now?????
    Just dream....



  16. oooo yay! thanks for the heads up darl, we don't see a lot of her stuff over here in the west. going to check it out.

    she's flipping brilliant isnt she, such great design.



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