Friday, August 5, 2011

Fancy a little loft in France for the weekend?

We could read and catch up on the latest magazines here.

So some drawing up at the bench.

We could have a light lunch at this table and peruse the book shelves.

Sit up at the bench for a snack.

Chill here.

Anyone care to join me?

More over here.


  1. you buy the tickets and i'll be there :)

  2. I would not (could not) move from that daybed. I'm there.

  3. Oh count me in. Love that day bed and just being in France would be fantastic. Just have to dream for now. G

  4. I'm on my way with the macarons & croissants, a bientot, amoire Posie

  5. Oooh yes, and some sunshine to go with it. I could spend many days in that first image. Rachaelx

  6. I would defo join in - awesome and i speak frenglish :) LOVE the rocking horse - i have a thing for horses..


  7. How gorgeous! I would love to be there! Happy week! X

  8. What a lovely place...count me in.
    I have been looking at stools like those for my kitchen only with robin egg blue I want to go buy them!

    Happy new week.


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