Wednesday, August 3, 2011

vine trellis thingys

all photos via Dekio

I must confess to being a little obsessed with gardens at present. This is strange because it is mid winter and not really gardening time at all.

The topic over breakfast this morning was. 
"What would you spend a tattslotto win on Mum? Would you buy a new house?

Without even pausing to think, I just said "no I would build a new carport, pergola and pizza oven"

I am not sure where that came from. 
No thoughts of cars, clothes or shoes entered my mind.

I just love the first photo.
The lovely long table, the matching chairs the shutters.
Love it!
Note to self
Buy tattslotto ticket.


  1. I'm the same Deb. I think it's because we're starting to long for the outside :)

  2. That first photo is beautiful, they all are really. How nice to sit there with some stinky cheese and a bottle of wine.
    Have you tried to email me? I haven't had anything come through :) here is address again:

  3. Bring on summer so I can sit under our new pergola, even if the ground is still dirt! Love the first image also and can imagine sitting out there well into a summers night. ;-)

  4. Beautiful images, especially the top one. Loving all things garden at the moment too. It's this beautiful winter weather, can't help but be outside planning and planting. gxo

  5. My kids asked the same question last night. I have no intention of moving, so an extension was on my list, as was having the house painted and the backyard finished. Can't wait for outdoor dining weather to reappear!

  6. I think that first image really is the best. The lovely notions it conjures up of great food, wine and conversation is so perfect. I think we all long for some warm weather at the moment don't we. Roll on sunshine.

  7. So glad your retail therapy turned out O.K. some of those managers need a course it customer service! Loving these images especially the first..with this warmer weather a pergola is on my wish list too. X


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