Monday, August 1, 2011

Good news retail story.

Recently I went on a flying trip to Melbourne and managed 50 mins shopping time in the city.

I quickly checked out the new Zara store.

Ps. that is not me, I don't do heels!

Then decided to jeans shop in another store.
Well, I bought 2 pairs, very quickly and as I left the store the security machine beeped. I went back in and the sales lady told me it was fine. 
So off I went on my merry way.

Not me either, be real people, I have had 3 children!

A bit more shopping, earrings, bling bracelets and new handbag, I was on a roll.

Fast forward a few days later. I went to put on my new jeans and there in front of me was the jolly magnetic security tag.

I could have cried.
So I rang the store and explained I was 4 hours away, what could they do to help me.

Unfortunately not a lot.

So, being a good resourceful country girl. I used my local network and arranged for one of the girls from the netball club who was going to a town with one of these stores to a sheep show to take the jeans and get the tag removed.

So far, all good.

Then, I was telling a friend of mine about the saga, the same one who motivated me to get running again, see here.

Unbeknownst to me she emailed the company and suggested they get their retail act together and show some customer service. Before I knew it, the regional manager was on the phone to find a solution. He ended up sending a new pair of jeans, overnight, and providing a prepaid return bag.

How impressive!

I bet the manager of the store will be a little more helpful in future. And my netball friend will have to think of another excuse for her husband as to why she needs to go shopping!

As for me, I will be checking those security tags, very carefully.
And, doing some more running, after all that effort, they feel a little ahem... firm.


  1. Glad to hear you found a great solution; what a resourceful friend. These tags are so painful!

  2. You've got a great friend there. And that regional manager sounds like a class act.

    The same thing happened to me once when the little one was a newborn. I tell you, I was so upset that I had to make another trip to the shops...and it was only 10 minutes away. I would've been in the foetal position if it were four hours away!

    Keep up the running. And run a block for me while you're at it! xx

  3. i'm pleased you had a happy ending to your new jeans story! I'm sure they look great!

  4. Sheepvention ey? Looks like you might live not too far from where I grew up. I have a vague memory of going to sheepvention myself once, although it looks a lot more upmarket now than what I recall!
    I only found your blog recently, and enjoy your writing and images- both the farmey ones and the more magaziney style.
    Glad you solved the jeans problem.

  5. HI Deb,
    I LOVE that post. I LOVE the photos, as well as the happy ending, and I LOVE the way you have shown that often stores want to look after their customers really well, and snippy sales staff with bad attitudes let the team down.
    Great news story.
    Well done you!

  6. What a great friend you have to take up the case & what a great good news story!

  7. how did you like zara? here in sydney... i feel like its the outlet one of the world... i just don't see the quality for the price and the store is always an unorganized disaster... i was so excited

    what a productive shopping trip finding jeans that quickly!!!

    i saw a women the other day in a trench with the security tag on the back of it, and i didn't want to stop her because she was on the phone..


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