Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday flowers from the farm.

Happy Friday to you.
It has been a long time between posts.
I am blaming it on mid winter lack of motivation.
I have been very slack.
Not doing much blogging, not really commenting much.
Not running.
Not looking in the local shops.
Shock horror.

A good friend set me straight the other day.
She told me to get running again and everything else would fall into place.

I took her advice yesterday (she is a wise one.

I went for a shuffle run,
and do you know what?
I think I have my mojo back.
As well as sore thighs!

I love white flowers.
The mix of white and green.
I adore it.

And, these early spring bulbs.
Lovely, sigh.

Remember the chooks I posted about?
This is theirs to scratch around in, all day.
I bet their eggs are full of the best sort of sunny, healthy goodness.

Early Camilla's in the nicest of pinks.

I like this one. 
I think of it as timber patchwork.
All these photos were taken by me on a friend of a friends gorgeous farm.


  1. Good Morning Mrs M, beautiful shots as usual. Spring is getting closer, the days are getting longer and we have had some lovely jogging sunshine. Hope you have a great day!

  2. Beautiful!! I think everything in the garden died last night, it was -8C in Canberra, -17C in Charlotte's Pass, insane. I left my children at school when it was still -5C, brrrr. LOve Posie

  3. Ah, Deb. So good to see you here again. I'm most impressed at your running. That's something I absolutely loathe. Those camellias are heavenly. Yet more inspiration for PB's new garden! J x

  4. Those camellias are so beautiful and I love that last shot - very 'country' indeed. Enjoy your start to the weekend x

  5. Happy weekend... Lovely camellias.... I am struggling this winter, been so poorly... perhaps I should have had the flu shot... Just can't shake it, sick again.... Bring on the spring! I'm so impressed your running.... Go you! Perhaps thats what I need to do! Those garden shots are so inspiring! X

  6. Hi Deb, what a beautiful garden. Your friend's friend is lucky. So are the chookies who live there :)
    Ps could you please email me your address so I can send your parcel? Thanks!

  7. Hi Deb, love the flowers they are so gorgeous, love how flowers make me happy. I constantly take pictures of them. Hope you have a great weekend sweets,
    A xxx


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