Monday, July 25, 2011



Isn't this nice.
Soothing even.
Perfect for a Weekday.
Actually, now I look at it again,
Are they a bit evil looking?
Maybe I am just a bit tired.
It't cold outside.
Warm inside.

The wall paper is pretty.
I still couldn't do it.
Plain and simple is much more Moerkstyle.

Did you watch The Rennovaters?
One of the women on it has a son in my sons class at school.
She has been avoiding the school run.

I can't wait to see her.
She did a brilliant job.

I am still obsessed by the block.

I just love Katrina and Amie, they have the best laughs and crack me up each time I see them. 
I just want to hang out with them and make CWA jokes. 

Hope you had a good weekend.


  1. Love that chair! The colours in that wall paper is lovely but the birds are slightly scary! We are Block-o-holics here! Enjoying all the room reveals especially! Just checking out the second renovators show right now! Some amazing designs happening there! X

  2. The butterfly at the top looks kind of cute dancing away, but I know what you mean about the evil look of the others!
    I'm loving The Block and Katrina and Aime too but haven't watched any of the other renovating shows - just not enough hours in the day to get hooked on anything else!

  3. Hi Deb, I seem to be addicted to all 3 renovating shows at the moment and loving it. ;-)

  4. hi deb....
    i'm back and so happy to be here...

    i want that wall paper (and no they are just lovely not evil)
    i want to watch the fact any aussie home show- i didn't get a fix on this flying visit...i didn't want i need too...

    enjoy for me...

    melissa xx


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