Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bathroom shenanigans - mini makeover

Well, this old gal is a bit dated. And just to clarify, I am talking about the bathroom.

We bought this rug many years ago to complement the colours in the lovely leadlight windows Mr M's father made for us. The rug is very restricting colour wise and I always find it hard to buy towels.

It is all due for some renovation but right now we are saving up for other things.

So I felt a quick freshen up might lift it's spirit.

Money can't buy the patina on these taps ;)

I had been searching for ages for the right kind of rug. I wanted something earthy, not too fluffy and not too coloured.
I nearly hyperventilated when I found this one.

With a bit of foofing and rearranging.
Some daytime mood lighting...
It started to take shape.

With the softer colour scheme, this old picture of the children in the bath as babies looked a bit garish.

I just popped out the cardboard mat, and covered it with brown wrapping paper.
I ran the photos through the copier and hey presto, a softer look.

Much better!

Miss B. approved but wanted to know "where will she put her shower cap now?"
"Right on the tap where it usually goes", was my reply.
"It's nice to have pretty photos but we still have to be practical."

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  1. Hi Deb, that rug makes the world of difference! Your bathroom is a lovely size. I agree, a bathroom needs to be practical as well as pretty. I'm not sure mine is either!!

  2. Hi Deb, I feel your pain....I have a similar colour scheme and towel buying is limited to green or burgandy. I'm painting this week and updating too. Love what you have done..fabulous X

  3. I'd be happy with a few hours in there; a soak in the bath, a good book, a glass of red and then I could trail bubble bath bubbles all over your lovely new rug when I was done. I'd mop them up though :)

  4. I love that new mat. Your bathroom seems quite nice in the photos and it looks well built and tiled. Anyway, it looks great with a few new touches. xx

  5. LOVE the new look! what a difference a new rug makes. i could soak away an afternoon in that tub - easy!!

  6. amazing what a few changes can do! lovely.

  7. Hi Deb, great improvement!! looks fantastic and I love the size of the room!!! it looks quite big, and the window is just gorgeous!!! Well done!!
    Laura xxx

  8. Gorgeous rug!! Love that window, how lovely to have that in your bathroom. I like the idea of the bath photos for artwork, must remember that one.

  9. if that's not the most satisfying pick-me-up mini way to do a makeover Deb!!!

    I bet you felt good last night- no rip[ping out...but completely re-freshed!!

    looks great- love the photocopy idea for instant B & W pickies!!

    Melissa- Miss Sew & So

  10. Small changes but looks fabulous.
    I love the window and the fact that it was made especially for you - that's lovely.

  11. Bravo you did a terrific job of foofing the bathroom Deb. The new rug is perfecto and I can relate to hyperventilating upon discovering the right item.
    Love the stain glass window.

  12. It doesn't take much does it? It looks lovely and tranquil. ;-)

  13. What a fantastic make over! I LOVE that rug! I have been searching for some carpet like that to do a square in the lounge... in a beachy way... haven't been able to get any... must keep looking, I love what you have achieved! X

  14. Love it! And I love when you give me inspiration for little make overs. Yes, yes, great idea...thank you : ) Alison xx

  15. 'The Renovator's' should watch out, this is so much easier on the eye than the old look! You've done a really great job.

  16. Your mini makeover looks fabulous Deb, I love the new rug and colours. xx

  17. This looks fantastic! Greta job! I am a huge fan of the seagrass :)

  18. Wow, awesome job!! Love the color palette...nice and easy on the eyes. I may have to borrow your idea for the picture it!

    I'm your newest follower and would love for you to follow me.
    Have a wonderful day!!

  19. Hi Deb! Just found your blog through Good Life it! Fantastic foofing job in your bathroom, it looks really inviting:) I'm your newest follower, pop over and visit my blog too if you have a minute :)
    Cas x


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