Monday, September 19, 2011

Bright and happy...

via IDA lifestyle

Bright and happy colours perfect to begin the week with.
It is going to be a warm 26 degrees here today. It is almost a shock after the mild start to Spring.
What ever shall I wear?
Maybe the palette above should be my inspiration.
Do you find the change of seasons tricky?
Any wardrobe transitions you care to share?
I think I will go for the cotton jacket or the good old layered top.


  1. 26 here too, but back to 19 tomorrow. Weather is fickle, and it just makes me realise that I don't have suitable clothes for anything! :)

  2. I feel it Deb. Once I hear the weather is warming up it is instant panic...'what to wear?'
    No more hiding under warm winter the gym I think! Loving the bright colours...great inspiration for the warmer weather. X

  3. I can feel a little shopping trip coming...any excuse will do, even fickle weather! Have a lovely sunny week. Alison x

  4. I really hate changing seasons. Worse one for me is Winter. I hate wearing socks with shoes....a bit of a problem living here in Canada.

  5. After days of sunny, warm weather, Perth reverted back to winter towards the middle of last week and we've had heavy rain all weekend which is set to continue all week. I'm not complaining, our garden needs it but it was lovely to be able to enjoy the sun last week. Have a great day x

  6. Lovely colours! I always dressin layers too tricky where inline to dress for only 1 season in a day , we can have all four!! xox

  7. Tricky, absolutely! And great for breeding snuffly noses. Love this colour combo, Deb :)

  8. Low thirties here for a couple of days which has truly done my head in!
    So today I hit the shops for a few cool somethings as I had a huge declutter before moving and realised I donated all those cool cheapy throw ons that one wears around the house.
    I cannot start to whinge yet because 'summer' is a long way off!

  9. Woo hoo! I'm pinning this one, Deb - thanks for sharing. How sublime. J x

  10. i love that you and i are sort of on the same page- in our ballet slippers!!

    although...26 is definately time for silver birkenstocks!!!

    i'm still avoiding the boots!!

    love that aqua- and that deer head...

    Melissa- Miss Sew & So


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