Monday, September 12, 2011

I love this.... chunky crochet rug.

I love this.

scotch and scones

I do adore this and I would love the nubbly feel on my toes.
Can you imagine the size of the hook needed to crochet this?

Footy update, sadly the boys lost by 4 points, the whole game was close and they literally had a boy in front of the goals about to kick an unmissable goal when the final siren blew.

The other team played a magnificent game.
Our boys were a real credit to their coaches and took the loss on the chin and with great sportsmanship.

I must say I was filled with pride seeing these young boys battle their hearts out.

One more week of finishing up the footy bits and pieces and the weekends will be ours again.

Maybe I will have time to try some chunky crochet ;)


  1. It is an awesome rug. I've seen them done out of brown string for front door mats. I was thinking of attempting a normal doily pattern with sheets cut into strips and about a size 10 hook. Love doily rugs!

  2. How on earth would this rug be made?? I'm intrigued Deb.

  3. I have seen these rugs before, I love them! You should definately give one a go!!! How big would the hook be?!!! X

  4. I have no idea what sort of yarn they have used or what size hook. If you do it Monet Paisley, I would love to see it.

  5. I am sorry your boys did not win their footie, I know how seriously these boys take their sport and I am very impressed at how gracious they were in defeat - we are still working on being good losers in this house!!

  6. Blighty I think I spoke too soon. There has been a lot on very ungracious complaints about aching body parts. Apart from sympathetic nodding and unobserved eye rolling there is not much I can do.

  7. Ohhhhhh i love it!! It is stunning... I want one..

  8. Good for your team being so fair & sportsmanlike about the finals, well done!!
    That rug, OMG, would you 'finger crochet' it, my son taught himself how to crochet this way as the hooks were annoying him, as you do on a 1350km trip with 3 sisters & you're like 7 years old. Bless his heart, he said he was crocheting his first child a jumper, he thinks like that, he already has his first 3 wives lined up (at different schools, he's clever like that). Maybe i should get him started on a rug?? Love Posie


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