Monday, September 26, 2011

Top ten table scapes

I must confess that until I started reading blogs, I had never heard of the term "tablescaping".
Sarah from A beach cottage introduced me to the term and I have loved them ever since.

Remodelista via Twig & Thistle

a beach cottage
Isn't this pretty.
Pale and pretty. I like the pop of red.

dreamy whites photos by KTMerry photography

I call this art.
dreamy whites

dreamy whites

dreamy whites

dreamy whites

home sweet home

Spanish blog, Home Sweet Home

I am more transfixed by the snow outside than the table. How pretty.

dusty lou

I fully intended no.10 to be a Moerkstyle tablescape on the table Mr M made for me.  but I have been decluttering and rearranging the children's bedrooms like a madwoman.
I am on fire.
Boy 1's room was done on Saturday,
Miss B yesterday and big boy is on my list for today.
The first two were great.
they joined in, made decisive decisions about what to keep and what to throw away.
And even let me rearrange the furniture.
I can't get Miss B out of her room she is loving it.

Back to the tablescapes.
Which do you prefer?
I am tossing up between the first one because it looks warm and fun and the dreamy whites blossom one because it is so pretty.


  1. Hello Miss Moerks

    a lovely post today thank you

    and I love them all - but I need comfy chairs - I like all those country looks too but the little chairs get too uncomfy after a while.

    love the de-cluttering going on a woman after my own heart

    have a wonderful day



  2. I rather like them all Deb although the last pic with frilly ruffle cloth..hmmm.
    Accident waiting to happen.
    I admire the patience involved in the creation of a tablescape as I'm a bit hit and miss with this art.
    De-cluttering happening at redroses hacienda as well. Must be spring!
    Annie xx

  3. Oh, Deb, what a delightful collection. I choose #7 given spring's arrival here and my passion for blue Mason jars! J x

  4. They are all beautiful but I think the one in the filed of lavender is my favorite. Or maybe its the dreamy whites with the plum blossoms and the mason jars. Hard to pick!

  5. thanks ladies, I need prettiness today. I am up to my armpits in the detritis that accumulates in a 13 year old boys bedroom. I feel I need to tie a rope around my waist in case I get lost. Ok back to it!

  6. Brave girl doing the bedrooms, a task I too need to tackle. Since we are in spring, I am going of the dreamy whites blossom, very pretty. ;-)

  7. Hi Deb
    I had never heard of the word tablescape either. I really like all the pictures - dreamy whites. I don't often dress the table but when I do it really creates such an atmosphere and I wish I did it more often.
    I see your name often on other blogs I visit, so I'm off to check out the rest of your posts.

  8. Sounds like you've been busy over your way, go the spring cleaning!! I like the Dreamy Whites one with the white and pink gerberas/daisies in the middle. They're all really lovely, some great ideas for my Cooking Club x

  9. Lovely pics today...if only I were that talented..they are beautiful. Good luck with the is that time of year ;-) X

  10. Oh I wish I could have one of these in my house! My boys would trash it in 2 seconds! They are gorgeous.

  11. If you enjoy tablescapes check out this blog link:

  12. Urgh, cleaning and decluttering those bedrooms....what a fun job. Especially my rugby/footy/every-sport-known-to-man teenage son's room. I need a good lie-down at the very thought of it. Wish I could snap my fingers and have everything look as gorgeous as these....but not sure said teenager would like white ruffles....! xx


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