Monday, June 13, 2011


Sconetastic is another line stolen from
If you don't already know her blog, pop over and visit. She is full of inspiration regarding all manner of domestic and international stuff.

These wonderful scones were consumed by a group of us by the creek in a rather idyllic setting.

After footy and netball, a group of us visited a friends farm where the blokes went all macho and chopped wood for our fire.

See the colour of the redgum.
It is rather magnificent.

The boys were cleaning up trees which had fallen over after the January storms and floods.

Whilst they were hard at work, we ladies kept the fire burning and kept half an eye on the children.

 It's a long weekend here for the Queen's Birthday.
 This morning Mr M made pancakes for breakky.


I attempted to take shots to show off the table Mr M made.

I will keep trying,
I need to do it justice.
I may have to try tablescaping al la Sarah from abeachcottage.

Sarah always gets it white right.

To steal more lines from Faux fuschia,
I luff the new table 11/10.


  1. It looks like a mighty fine table Deb. Congrats to Mr M. And as for those scones. I can't make a scone to save my life so I'm just as impressed by them as I am by the table. Hope that's ok :)

  2. I also LUFF the table, the sconetasticism of this post & all that is delicious here. Love Posie

  3. Oh yes Deb, I'm luffing the table as well :) Not to mention those scones and pancake deliciousness. It's been an age since I've had a crepe or similar. Yum. Doubt Lyn would make the for me though, he incinerated bacon the other day in one of his rare kitchen efforts :)

  4. Fabulous, just fabulous table. You have a very talented Mr.
    Oh, and those scones look great too - no matter what I do my scones never rise!

  5. Oh God Deb I'm hungry! Lovely to hear we now share a Lulu - ours is a blonde 2nd generation Spoodle. And as for that table - hooley dooley Mr. M is a star!
    Millie x

  6. YUMMERS Deb these are scrumptious.
    A xx

  7. Your scones look delicious as do those pancakes!! What a nice way to start the day with those x

  8. Hello! Those scaones are wonderful.

    Mr FF liked the look of your scones and pancakes. xxx

  9. I meant scones not scaones. Tired.

  10. What a gorgeous table and the pcitures of those scones are making me hungry and I just had dinner. I love scones on a Sunday or as in this case PH Monday, think I will have to make some next weekend. Hope you had a great long weekend. Gx

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  12. i am in love with that dining room table, great job! i get so jealous that other people are getting to blog about decorating their homes, i'm only in sydney short term of 4 years so am not investing in home items.

    having a long weekend to celebrate the queen's birthday was great and i'm glad you got to enjoy it outside! yesterday and today were SO rainy here in sydney. but i did a post about a terrific show i was at the opera house saturday~

    cheers, to a great new week

  13. Scones, Pancakes and table look fab - i am sooo jealous of those scones , mine always look like rock cakes :(

  14. That table is great! Have you made a list of things you want him to make for you now? Very talented.

  15. Looks like a nice day down by the creek with a fire to keep you warm. I love red gum too. That table is great! How clever of your hubby. ;-)

  16. Why am I so hungry now....yum! Hugs.xoxo

  17. Oh your pics have made me hungry too! is the table. What a clever hubby you have...have a great week X

  18. YUM! Luff scones and pancakes and have been making my own lately, gluten free no less!
    Nothing nicer than a gorgeous big table to sit around and munch on goodies together.

  19. Yummy scrummy!!!! I made scones on Sunday for morning tea, so I still have the taste in my mouth as I devour those lovely pics!
    Your table is GORGEOUS! I love the white and the wood! X

  20. scones & cream, pancakes and a new gorgeous table...perfect to see you through a winter down under!!

    sun looks a-shinning still though!

    melissa x

  21. GREAT table Mr M! And that is the right amount of cream for a scone, just how I'd have it.. What a scrumptious post Deb..Rachaelxx


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