Sunday, October 30, 2011

8 things I would buy right now..........

If Mr M. let me loose with the credit card!

Here I was reading the Sunday paper when a brochure fell out.  Yippee, sofas from Domayne. Now, I have been on the hunt for the perfect slip covered sofa for our lounge for ages. So I jumped on line to have a closer look. Lo and behold I immediately became distracted by the homewares section.

So I would like

A set of these pretty lanterns for parties or Miss B's room.

Who wouldn't want a Babushka lamp?

This pretty set so I could pretend I was Maria from Dreamy Whites who has original French sets like this.

This ceramic drum stool, to put near my non existent slip covered couch.

Very functional and I like things that are labelled!

I just like this.

And these I could find a spot for.

How cute are these?

Do you do this?
Make a list of things as if you were going to purchase them.
Is it just me?


  1. Oh right, i'll try again with the comment thing . . . we have such similiar tastes, oh imagine a bottomless bank account to fund such things, or better yet, trips to Paris to find decorating items, yes please, let's go together. Love Posie

  2. Ok I will swing by in the lear jet a bit later. I am sure the Nannies will look after the kids;)

  3. I have list after list of things I wish to buy. Somehow I lose them and forget those wishes...I have new ones!


  4. Jane, I am the same. I have just started on Pinterest to try and get my act together regarding blog pictures and some craft projects.

  5. I should do that! That's a lovely list. It's a nice insight into what you like too. Rachaelxx

  6. I don't usually make lists like that Deb but it's a damn fine idea! I love the chinese stool best :)

  7. I do make a list and those laterns have been on mine for a while, Domayne have red ones with white spots (red being my kids favourite colour) which would look great in the kids new bedroom / playroom. Love the other things on your list here too. Hope you had a good weekend. Gx

  8. Oh yes Deb, I make lists and files of pics of the things I would buy. Love the Domayne catalogue....oh if only !!!!!!

  9. I have had a list for 3 years & I have waiting very patiently for my turn to come. Last week my husband took me shopping & I got everything on my list - it was a great day so now I can make another list. I just hope I don't have to wait another 3 years!

  10. Oh lovely choices Deb! I have a list and a new slip cover for one of our couch's is on mine too...must pop over to Domayne website !


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