Monday, October 10, 2011

Camping in the rain. Would you? Could you?

Sorry to just disappear without explanation.
Lets just say Blogger and I had a little misunderstanding.
You see, I knew I was about to go away on a break and dutifully scheduled posts for while I was away. Or, at least I thought I did.
Blogger it seems did not.

Oh well, no harm done.

We have been on a couple of mini breaks, the first one camping.

Would you go camping if the sky looked like this?
What were we thinking?

As we arrived the skies emptied.
Brave Mr M and big boy lit a fire.
I don't really know how they got it started or kept it going.
I think all the Bear Grylls watching has paid off.

As soon as the rain cleared Master B caught this, things were looking up.

Miss B and I hovered by the fire.

That night we sat around the campfire with friends.
The skies emptied again.
We simply put up our umbrellas and had a ball.

Look at that sky.

The next morning the sky was completely different.

We celebrated the return of the sun with a camp roast dinner.

The trusty camper.

We headed home dry and dirty.
If you had asked me before hand, "would I camp in the rain?" I would have definitely said "no way."

Would I again?


  1. Hard-core Deb. Hard-core. We've camped in the rain but when you're with friends it doesn't matter. It makes for a good laugh afterwards. xx

  2. I like camping Deb and have done my share in the rain and have to fess up that, No, camping in the rain does not thrill me at all. Even with friends.
    You deserve brownie points for not doing a U-turn and heading home!
    Annie xx

  3. Not for the faint hearted, that's for sure! Not sure it's my cup of tea but it's great that you had fun.
    Ps I've never been successful getting blogger to schedule posts. Pesky thing that Blogger :)

  4. Good for you for not only enduring it, but actually enjoying it. I've done a lot of camping, so have had my fair share of camping in the rain. If you want to see a hilarious photo from when I was a child, then check this out

  5. So glad you managed to enjoy your camping trip away despite the rain. Your camp set up looks fabulous, you're obviously seasoned campers. I think I would have perched myself by the fire too though :) I've only ever camped on the beach. Have a great start to your week x

  6. You were good to stick it out. I hate camping in the rain but we have been there.... Glad the next day was sunny and you had a good time. It is fun camping. ;-)

  7. Hi Deb,

    Your photo's are fantastic. They almost make me want to pack up the family and go camping too. Almost :)

    Glad you are all home safe and sound.

    Kel x

  8. Your camping shots are gorgeous! Your a brave girl - i am only a fair weather camper after a few traumatic cold and wet trips! You won my giveaway too!!! Email me :)

  9. Seeing those pictures makes me think camping in the rain wouldn't be that bad after all! What a gorgeous spot! X

  10. The Army ruined camping for me I'm afraid, but I applaud the Army Reserve could find a spot for you Deb :)

  11. I have done it many times. Have found that the misery is worth it in the end! Looks like you had a grand time! Ann

  12. the american living in the CBD of sydney thinks, "oh my gosh, you were out in the bush, in the rain"

    i can't wait to take my husband to the bush and outback someday

  13. I really like this story. It actually sounds like it was a lot of fun. I love being in the rain, strangely! Rachaelx

  14. Oh Deb it looks like the most perfect spot. Just perfect. I can almost smell that campfire. Thanks for sharing. I love rainy, moody days at the best of times so that sky would not have put me off. Good on you! A-M xx


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