Sunday, October 16, 2011

Do we? Don't we? Design challenge in real life.

Things were all pretty settled here in Moerkville, when  a certain, old home on a large block of land hit the market last week.
So the dilemma. Do we?
 More land has an appeal. A huge vege patch, big chook yard. Massive shed, cubby and upstairs office.  A pool albeit a very old one and an old garden.
I guess the problem is the house is a little dated. Lots of wood panelling, forest green carpet and a lot of pine in the kitchen. Do we really want to do it all again?

This outdoor entertaining area is lovely.

A pool would be handy.

The entry is busy.

What do you think of the panelling?

 And, the green carpet.

I see these photos and think.
The carpet has to go.
The clutter has to go.
The wallpaper has to go.

Ok people.
Ideas please.
If you were decorating this house, what would you do?


  1. Wowza Deb! What a great house! I love the entry and lounge and while I'm not usually a fan of wood panelling, I quite like it here.
    If I bought it I'd pull out the wallpaper, give it a fresh coat of paint and then make other changes slowly. I could live with the carpet for a while as I got a feel for the place ( you should see our dodgy carpet!).
    So much potential! X

  2. Hi there Deb

    it is a beauty with so much original design.

    yep - lets put our gloves on and rip up that carpet now!

    and there is a lot of honey oak colour in there and as you said busy.
    But busy is able to be made well... Un-busy.

    hope you had a lovely weekend

    x Loulou

  3. well I would have a lot of white painting to do!!! ha! but all that wood in white. Sigh bliss xox

  4. I have no ideas other than the ones you've already had. It would be interesting to see what the panelling looked like with different carpet and your things. Please buy it so I can see :))

  5. I like it. The bones of it are great. And I don't mind the panelling - it feels a bit art deco. xx

  6. I would paint all the walls white, but leave a good bit of the paneling as is. I bet original wood floors are hiding underneath that carpet. Simple furnishings.....colorful Indian rugs. I hope you buy it...we want to watch the transformation.

  7. Oh Deb, it's glorious. Rip up the floor coverings and paint it all white = busy gone. If there is not much structural repair to be done, then a lick of paint would be a piece of cake. It's GORGEOUS!!!!!! A-M xx

  8. Beautiful house Deb with great bones but I have to admit after our latest reno I've sworn off doing another, ever, in this lifetime lol.
    Annie xx

  9. I say go for it! What lurks under the carpeting...maybe beautiful wood floors! The paneling can easily come down, or as I have seen on a design show...painted!! Oh! The pool...I would give up blogging for it!!


  10. OverthehillbutgreatviewOctober 17, 2011 at 12:24 PM

    This house has loads of character and a classic. I say heave out wallpaper and carpet, add your own stuff with less clutter. Keep the panelling. After all isn't it what gives this house it's unique appeal. xD

  11. Oh Deb, it's AMAZING!!! Such potential and such character. I'd paint the panelling white, rip up the carpets and maybe go floorboards or something. I love the outdoor areas! x

  12. This house is incredible! The panelling is amazing but the carpet definately needs to go. Rip it up and stain the floorboards. The panelling could be stained darker and with the white walls above would look gorgeous. Kind of a Miles Redd style. Or you could paint it white, although it does seem a shame sometimes to paint original timberwork. That area out the back looks so perfect for parties!

  13. gorgeous!!! do it!!! white, white, white and it would be delicious! goodbye green carpet and hello pool!

  14. Deb- think wooden floors, chalk white walls...that beautiful paneling...

    i think it's gorgeous- huge potential...and that glorious garden...that image through to the garden won me over....

    it would be fantastic!

    Melissa xx

  15. Oh wow! With white walls, wood floors... splashes of colour with accessories and furniture.... what fantastic rooms! The pool area looks awesome too! So much potential! Even just thinking about it is exciting! X

  16. Wow, wasn' expecting to see that inside. I adore the outside entertaining area and the glimpse of the garden, and a large pot of white paint would do wonders. Looks like a 'good bones' type of house.

  17. Hi Deb,

    I'm a bit late to add my two cents worth but that house is amazing! It is exactly the style of house I would buy. As previously suggested, the carpet has to go immediately - too much history there for my liking, polish the floor boards and get the paint brushes out. What is the kitchen like? The garden and pool is a big plus in my eyes. Can't wait to hear what you end up doing. How exciting!

    Kel x

  18. We have done exactly the same ting - bought a gorgeous property for the garden - 1000 yrs old and the house is a challenge - swedish panelling everywhere! I loathed it - until we out our things in and then voila - haven't even got the paint out yet and we have had it a year. Gardens take time and loads of effort - houses are easy - but it for the land - and then take your time on the house. Your things in there could be all it needs and if in doubt - painr.


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